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  • iiNspirex
    iiNspirex4 uur geleden


  • ThinkItsAGame -_-
    ThinkItsAGame -_-4 uur geleden

    Melo ain't wanna go out like that 🔥

  • Hannan Usmani
    Hannan Usmani4 uur geleden


  • Mukbang Guard TV
    Mukbang Guard TV4 uur geleden

    Wow very dramatic game bam for the win.

  • Nestor Gorgonio
    Nestor Gorgonio4 uur geleden

    I can only laugh at Kyrie....

  • Jalen McDaniel
    Jalen McDaniel4 uur geleden

    This is why I'm the goat, AHEM, I meant terry

  • Wynter Ransom
    Wynter Ransom4 uur geleden

    R.I.P KOBE

  • Andrew Gomez
    Andrew Gomez4 uur geleden

    Absolutely humuliated. I just started supporting the magic and they lose like this. Absolutely dissapointment

  • OG Wan Kenobi
    OG Wan Kenobi4 uur geleden

    Battle of Montreal

  • Nyron Jen Ramos
    Nyron Jen Ramos4 uur geleden

    damn drose

  • J Money2335
    J Money23354 uur geleden

    Yoooo we might accidentally make the playoffs 😂😂

  • Leovic Rosal
    Leovic Rosal4 uur geleden

    Zion and Randle beasts matchup is for real

  • Aljun Reyes
    Aljun Reyes4 uur geleden

    when people said Zion is the next Randle because they expect them to be mediocre, look how far they've come now as players

    WILLYMAXY BOI4 uur geleden

    wow the rockets finally win

  • Dennmark Candaganan
    Dennmark Candaganan4 uur geleden

    Irving loss the game

  • Bradly Beal
    Bradly Beal4 uur geleden

    Top 15 leading scorers 1. Bradley Beal. 33.4 ppl 2 . Stephen curry. 32.8 ppg 3. Kyree Irving 32 ppg 4. LeBron James 31.2.ppg 5. Giannis Antetokounmpo 31.2 ppg 6. Donavan Mitchell 30.7 ppg 7. Jalen brown 29.8 ppg 8. DeVante Booker 29.6 ppg 9. Damian Lleard 29 ppg 10. Luca Dońic 28.9 ppg 11. Jimmy Butler. 28.6 ppg 12. Ben Simmons 28.1 ppg 13. LeMello Ball. 27.5 ppg 14. Russell Westbrook 18.3 ppg 15. Cris Paul. 16.6 ppg

  • Yves Patrick Monsale
    Yves Patrick Monsale4 uur geleden

    Goatmentator has healed my shin splints. If you know what I mean.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan4 uur geleden

    Got to be 2 of the worst teams in the nba

  • Kolawole Olumide
    Kolawole Olumide4 uur geleden

    miles bridges nice with it shesshhhh

  • Phila nets Bklyn76
    Phila nets Bklyn764 uur geleden

    Nets no like defense, no like sistem defense, see space the post, no one player in the post, y no believe, on playoffs Nets 140 points per game, for the win

  • tayyab khan
    tayyab khan4 uur geleden

    I’m a Irving fan should of put Shamet on the cover..

  • Bokuto 7JS
    Bokuto 7JS4 uur geleden

    Indiana Pelicans😂😂

  • Obi Wan Kenobi's High Ground
    Obi Wan Kenobi's High Ground4 uur geleden


  • Raven Crow
    Raven Crow4 uur geleden

    Boucher kinda crackedddddddddddd

  • Soundamite
    Soundamite4 uur geleden

    Hawks are gonna be problem when they’re fully healthy

  • Aquarius Leviathan prophecy
    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy4 uur geleden

    Kd stay hurt Tony Romo 2.0 😄

  • Zayd Mallhi
    Zayd Mallhi4 uur geleden

    There is no doubt that curry is the best shooter

  • Qais Qalandary
    Qais Qalandary4 uur geleden

    WTF, the game ended not even 5 mins ago and we have the highlights uploaded already. Flash Speed 😳😳😳

  • TTV Embid
    TTV Embid4 uur geleden


  • TTV Embid
    TTV Embid4 uur geleden

    I ment 3rd

  • Ultraz 78
    Ultraz 784 uur geleden

    With that win the Raptors are in the Plays on Tournament, Let go Raptors

  • Toronto Raptors
    Toronto Raptors4 uur geleden

    9:10 Boucher Dagger 🔥

  • dev ang
    dev ang4 uur geleden

    this thmbnail is golden

  • Laurence Mendoza
    Laurence Mendoza4 uur geleden

    Big WOW for D Rose. Happy

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander4 uur geleden

    They let lu dort play a whopping 15 min after the first quarter. He had 21 in the first. Wonder what he would have finished with. Was hoping another 40 piece

  • DaddyToxic
    DaddyToxic4 uur geleden

    Brooklyn are azz bra

  • Silver Striker Playz
    Silver Striker Playz4 uur geleden


  • Dawood Dosani
    Dawood Dosani4 uur geleden

    Raptors with the win

  • Fred VanVleet
    Fred VanVleet4 uur geleden

    Boucher and Dort went at it 🔥🔥🔥 Montreal guys

  • Toronto Raptors
    Toronto Raptors4 uur geleden

    What a duel

  • CodeX
    CodeX4 uur geleden


  • Classic Chip YT
    Classic Chip YT4 uur geleden


  • Tech
    Tech4 uur geleden

    OH TERRRRYYY! 😩😩😩😩

  • A n o n y m o u s
    A n o n y m o u s4 uur geleden

    No Siakam? No FVV? No Lowry? No problem

  • LeGOAT James owns kd and curry in the finals
    LeGOAT James owns kd and curry in the finals4 uur geleden

    Rockets lost in my eyes👀👀👀👀

  • Dennis Schröder is FraudKlyn Nets father
    Dennis Schröder is FraudKlyn Nets father4 uur geleden

    Why are u hating on a g-league team?

  • moody mariopubg
    moody mariopubg4 uur geleden

    Hornets players been posterizing everybody especially the Nets

  • Waddledee 2008
    Waddledee 20084 uur geleden

    Great to see the two Canadians from Montreal going at it

  • Jimmy G Butler
    Jimmy G Butler4 uur geleden


  • King of Fedoras
    King of Fedoras4 uur geleden

    The Portland Trailblazers: The Team that just can't stop shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Olaf
    Olaf4 uur geleden

    Boucher clutch

  • kingharjot
    kingharjot4 uur geleden

    Without fvv,pascal,Lowry,og and others

  • Galaxy Xm
    Galaxy Xm4 uur geleden

    Gg but man I hope kd not going to be outs for weeks again and this was a bad game for kyrie but almost a double double and by losing ad we got no guy to really contest bigs

  • Patrick L
    Patrick L4 uur geleden

    how arre people still able to attend games when there is a stay at home order in toronto?

  • A n o n y m o u s
    A n o n y m o u s4 uur geleden

    Raptors down by at most 12 in the first half, but in the 2nd half they came back and Boucher had 2 clutch threes at the end. Nice comeback 👏👏👏

  • LeGOAT James owns kd and curry in the finals
    LeGOAT James owns kd and curry in the finals4 uur geleden

    Jokic could never

  • Andres Cammayo
    Andres Cammayo4 uur geleden

    Yow bam u make it. Huge shot

  • BBC_ Gumsh0t
    BBC_ Gumsh0t4 uur geleden


  • Markooo dl
    Markooo dl4 uur geleden

    Kyrie = Bam

  • JASONS Under The Scope
    JASONS Under The Scope4 uur geleden

    Memo: waive Baynes , extend, Birch & Gillespie for 2 yr deals

  • Toronto Raptors
    Toronto Raptors4 uur geleden

    Boucher was so clutch in the final minutes 🔥🔥🔥

  • Fred VanVleet
    Fred VanVleet4 uur geleden


  • LeGOAT James owns kd and curry in the finals
    LeGOAT James owns kd and curry in the finals4 uur geleden

    Demar derozan could never

  • Toronto Raptors
    Toronto Raptors4 uur geleden

    @Amann Radiate Yeah

  • Amann Radiate
    Amann Radiate4 uur geleden

    did you see houston rockets finally won a game

  • pickle-pbj
    pickle-pbj4 uur geleden

    Lady’s and gentlemen this is what I call the Montreal game List of Montrealers Kemp birch Chris Boucher Lu Dort

  • Jimmy G Butler
    Jimmy G Butler4 uur geleden

    *Khem Birch

  • Jay Gaming
    Jay Gaming4 uur geleden

    10 losing streak road to beating the most longest losing streak

  • realOMNIslasher
    realOMNIslasher4 uur geleden

    Julius is the GOAT.. zion is the baby goatee

  • Loic Okumo
    Loic Okumo4 uur geleden

    Boucher plays like he is in his kitchen.

  • Browns Dubs
    Browns Dubs4 uur geleden


  • Lebron James
    Lebron James4 uur geleden

    Commentator werd

  • lamrod83
    lamrod834 uur geleden

    They can trade siakam boucher just steal is spot🤷🏾‍♂️

  • go transit train guy h
    go transit train guy h4 uur geleden

    1st 4:40 so first the Raptors were losing 2nd 6:29 the Raptors catched up to Oklahoma City 3rd 8:49 Oklahoma City and Toronto Raptors were tied at 102 4th 8:53 Chris Boucher makes at 3 pointer to make the game at 105-102

  • Chantelle
    Chantelle4 uur geleden

    CHRIS BOUCHERRRRR wow what a fun game to watch! shout out to Montreal

  • Ariella Tomas
    Ariella Tomas4 uur geleden

    Ay a win without Kyle, Freddy, Pascal, OG is really impressive and plus our 3rd win in a row that’s crazy. Boucher really shined tonight setting a career high made threes. I don’t know what’s happening with the raptors all of a sudden we are winning now🤨😂🙌🏽 ay I’ll take the wins tho. Let’s go raptors GG OKC

  • Guts
    Guts4 uur geleden

    Trevor Ariza got a hair??? 😲

  • eric falkMan
    eric falkMan4 uur geleden

    indiana pelicans???

  • Chloe Jen
    Chloe Jen4 uur geleden

    Lets go RAPTORS🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • alister 49
    alister 494 uur geleden

    Raptors Are Making Playoffs

  • Kevin DurGoat
    Kevin DurGoat4 uur geleden

    Boucher is underrated

  • Lil' Laxeddy's Gaming Channel
    Lil' Laxeddy's Gaming Channel4 uur geleden

    Gary Trent Jr.’s stat line: 23 points 5 rebounds 1 assist

  • Toronto Raptors
    Toronto Raptors4 uur geleden


  • LeGOAT James owns kd and curry in the finals
    LeGOAT James owns kd and curry in the finals4 uur geleden

    Kyle Lowry could never

  • Brennan Iacovetti
    Brennan Iacovetti4 uur geleden

    I’m a Knicks fan, just feel like I needa throw that out there. But the hornets are decent honestly, would love to see them in the playoffs. Honestly, terry rozier is so underrated man. He’s amazing. I would love to see rozier replace Payton as the starting PG on the Knicks😂But props to the hornets, and most of all, props to rozier, he’s been carrying the hornets

  • Chou Chewy
    Chou Chewy4 uur geleden

    5:00 Bruh he went crazy

  • 864 Realer
    864 Realer4 uur geleden

    Best point guard ever there I said it 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️😆😆😆

  • Neegin Nazir
    Neegin Nazir4 uur geleden

    boucher is a giannis that can shoot

  • Jimmy Pops
    Jimmy Pops4 uur geleden

    We are trying to get Mobley or Cade stop winning games raptors!!!

  • kingharjot
    kingharjot4 uur geleden

    No we are tryna make playoffs

  • Spidey’s G
    Spidey’s G4 uur geleden

    Raptors have played great in April so far