Best of Kyrie's Left Handed Finishes This Season! 🔥


The best of Kyrie's Left Handed Finishes!
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  • Joe Spector
    Joe Spector11 dagen geleden

    Beautiful to watch

  • certifiedmelvinnn
    certifiedmelvinnn11 dagen geleden

    0:55 was a travel xd

  • Kenneth Francis
    Kenneth Francis11 dagen geleden

    Best HANDLES in the history of the league.

  • Aji Rahman
    Aji Rahman12 dagen geleden

    do the same video but for Ben Simmons with his right hand.

  • Ranger Joe
    Ranger Joe12 dagen geleden

    If Kobe game was the closest to mj then kyrie is the closest to kobe

  • Silent Sage
    Silent Sage12 dagen geleden

    i need that kyrie layup package sheeesh

  • William Is Lit
    William Is Lit12 dagen geleden

    I’m right handed 😔

  • Joshua Tolliver
    Joshua Tolliver12 dagen geleden

    Kyrie Irving is just so gifted man. So great to see him play the game the way he plays it

  • Aahil Hoque

    Aahil Hoque

    11 dagen geleden

    But dam all that knowledge right. The earth is totally flat 😅

  • Charlie Vegafria
    Charlie Vegafria12 dagen geleden

    Left handed pala sya

  • Zetsu Tsuletsu
    Zetsu Tsuletsu12 dagen geleden

    Kyrie best ball handler I have ever seen.

  • Shokan
    Shokan12 dagen geleden

    The last player that was as entertaining as Kyrie is nowadays was A.I

  • Marcus Crowley

    Marcus Crowley

    12 dagen geleden

    There was some MJ in his confident, cat-like moves. Half of these insane moves were from today's game against the Knicks!

  • Shyneeenyc
    Shyneeenyc12 dagen geleden

    The fact that this is a video is crazy 🔥

  • Yulius Akbar
    Yulius Akbar12 dagen geleden


  • J Greedo
    J Greedo12 dagen geleden

    Best layup package in the league

  • cooliehimarley 7

    cooliehimarley 7

    12 dagen geleden


  • Temuul Munkhtur
    Temuul Munkhtur12 dagen geleden

    the most beautiful basketball player ever no questions.

  • TheNextManimal
    TheNextManimal12 dagen geleden

    He banked a lefty push shot from the FT line last game, his off hand is insane

  • M U G E N スラット**
    M U G E N スラット**13 dagen geleden

    Bro is practically ambidextrous 🐐

  • peter penn
    peter penn13 dagen geleden

    He makes it so easy!! Seeing his left hand shots reminds me of kobe

  • Erica Hampton
    Erica Hampton13 dagen geleden


  • Help a homie get 1k With 0 videos
    Help a homie get 1k With 0 videos13 dagen geleden

    Help a brother out

  • Prince Ty
    Prince Ty13 dagen geleden

    Why isn’t kyrie the best player in the league? He can shoot he has the best handles, he has the best finishing, he has decent passing and defense . Cmon bro

  • Keith Edwards

    Keith Edwards

    12 dagen geleden

    I spent that entire video just watching the defenders and the Nets bench 🤣🤣🤣 because the reactions of both are beautiful

  • Engr. RARA & Engr. RHEDJ

    Engr. RARA & Engr. RHEDJ

    12 dagen geleden

    Kyrie is one of my most rooted player in the league with bron , Kd, Harden and Luka... Irving is not the best player but safe to say he is the most skilled player in the league :)

  • Gon Freecss
    Gon Freecss13 dagen geleden

    Kyrie he's doing this so smooth. 😮

  • mill b
    mill b13 dagen geleden b

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez13 dagen geleden

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💜

  • Nugmuncher
    Nugmuncher13 dagen geleden

    We miss u in Cleveland

  • john christopher mallari
    john christopher mallari13 dagen geleden

    Unreal 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Gameplay Tube
    Gameplay Tube13 dagen geleden

    Who said Lamelo is better than Irving?

  • Gameplay Tube

    Gameplay Tube

    12 dagen geleden

    @Engr. RARA & Engr. RHEDJ nope ! Already saw some Boston fans saying that ball is better those butt hurt boston fans can't move on !

  • Engr. RARA & Engr. RHEDJ

    Engr. RARA & Engr. RHEDJ

    12 dagen geleden

    you? coz nobody even dare to compare them

  • Josh LaGuardia
    Josh LaGuardia13 dagen geleden

    Kyrie has to be the most disrespectful players ever, jus purely making his defenders look silly

  • Tony Perkis
    Tony Perkis13 dagen geleden

    I'd be pissed if my team hired a female announcer

  • Bro Bh
    Bro Bh13 dagen geleden

    NBA is awesome to Watch bro

  • mdav2011
    mdav201113 dagen geleden

    Dangggggggggggg kywwieeeeeeee

  • Fairly Løcal PH
    Fairly Løcal PH13 dagen geleden

    The player I admire a lot. From the very start. Until I collect some of his signature shoes. And even my friends call me irving everytime I play. 🇵🇭

  • Charlie 0412
    Charlie 041213 dagen geleden

    Uncle Drew may be southpaw but hides it

  • omeer rahman
    omeer rahman13 dagen geleden

    This dude's literally leaving defenders on the floor, in the dust and my man Kyrie doesn't even bother moppin the floor. Just leaves them there, rotting.

  • Ultimate Truth
    Ultimate Truth13 dagen geleden

    He is definitely the best ball handler in the history if this game. And there is no one even close to him. Only him can do with the ball whatever he wanna do with it.

  • Thurl Sixers Fan

    Thurl Sixers Fan

    11 dagen geleden

    @Ultimate Truth fat bozo go start a family

  • Ultimate Truth

    Ultimate Truth

    11 dagen geleden

    @Thurl Sixers Fan So you don't think I know between Rod and Kyrie's father? 😅

  • Thurl Sixers Fan

    Thurl Sixers Fan

    11 dagen geleden

    @Ultimate Truth sorry but you saying no one comes close is ignorance. AI is literally on par with him whether you believe it or not I don’t care about your opinion because it’s flat out wrong. It’s literally ignorant to say no one comes close when AI is literally right there and I know more people that have his handles over kyries than not. Go watch some AI film and btw rod is kyries godfather go do some homework young fella

  • Ultimate Truth

    Ultimate Truth

    11 dagen geleden

    @Thurl Sixers Fan So I don't know basketball but you agree with me that he is the best. Now you have a problem because I asserted that no one comes close to him. Well, I probably know basketball way than you do. I lead a local basketball team (Sibac) in my country for years. I mentored hundreds of kids and young children for years. So I know basketball. Kyrie is the very best at what he is doing. And if you get to make me talk about what I know about him and basketball, you might end up running away from NLdron. So Rod Strickland and Jamal Crawford are the one you think are close to him huh? So you went back to 1988 and 2000 ? In 1988 I was already feeding my family for at least 10 years. Learn how not to assume what people know or don't know. That's where wisdom starts. Jamal and Strickland combined will probably be Kyrie. Go ask them and they both will confirm that. Jamal dribbles and shoots midrange shots while Rod goes under the basket. Kyrie does both plus hand changing scoring. They both were definitely good but not close to Kyrie.

  • Thurl Sixers Fan

    Thurl Sixers Fan

    11 dagen geleden

    @TonicBlaze12 well, maybe if you mental challenged you’d see I already did.

  • Shai gilgeous-alexander
    Shai gilgeous-alexander13 dagen geleden

    I’m so much better 🥴

  • Abraham Praska
    Abraham Praska13 dagen geleden


  • Aye skir
    Aye skir13 dagen geleden

    always amaze me since 2012

  • Vivaan
    Vivaan13 dagen geleden

    he like larry bird

  • Kira Kakashi
    Kira Kakashi13 dagen geleden


  • PedroB Puente
    PedroB Puente13 dagen geleden

    0:42 travel

  • Leo Reyes

    Leo Reyes

    13 dagen geleden


  • william Dangani
    william Dangani13 dagen geleden

    One of my idol ❤️

  • Jerami Grant Is The King Of Universe
    Jerami Grant Is The King Of Universe13 dagen geleden

    Kyrie Irving is the most exciting player to watch ever

  • JC Buscato

    JC Buscato

    12 dagen geleden

    Same bro

  • Daniel Ein Méndez Ámel

    Daniel Ein Méndez Ámel

    12 dagen geleden

    Of course bro👌

  • BallerVisions
    BallerVisions13 dagen geleden

    Bout to get a right hand finish watching this video

  • Kyrie Wilver

    Kyrie Wilver

    11 dagen geleden

    @twin runna i konw

  • G0DS_Koala


    12 dagen geleden

    o-o sus

  • twin runna

    twin runna

    12 dagen geleden


  • twin runna

    twin runna

    12 dagen geleden


  • Thepeteman100


    12 dagen geleden

    @ozy ! dork

  • MinePlay 512
    MinePlay 51213 dagen geleden

    Welp, GG Nets.

  • Flight L Reacts
    Flight L Reacts13 dagen geleden

    59 likes no views lmao

  • Stevee A
    Stevee A13 dagen geleden

    I think it’s safe to say Kyrie has 2 Right Hands... SHEESH!!!

  • Zayfrmdaygo


    12 dagen geleden


  • 10k Chkn

    10k Chkn

    12 dagen geleden

    Ye ye

  • krakenz playz

    krakenz playz

    13 dagen geleden

    it is safe to say we wouldve heard they have a timeout decide not to use it jalen way downtown bang bang oh what a shot by jalen if mike breen was commentating gonzaga vs ucla

  • 94Trxpz
    94Trxpz13 dagen geleden


  • Amaan Mohammed
    Amaan Mohammed13 dagen geleden

    Only righ handed player that has a lefty highlight reel

  • Jumpman


    9 dagen geleden

    @Daniel Ein Méndez Ámel you out your mind.

  • Daniel Ein Méndez Ámel

    Daniel Ein Méndez Ámel

    11 dagen geleden

    @Jumpman not like kyrie👎👎

  • Jumpman


    11 dagen geleden

    And Kobe and Larry Legend ..

  • Daniel Ein Méndez Ámel

    Daniel Ein Méndez Ámel

    12 dagen geleden

    Haha true really true

  • bulletchain WOOD
    bulletchain WOOD13 dagen geleden


  • 999 Malik
    999 Malik13 dagen geleden

    No views and 19 likes damn

  • Norman Carmona

    Norman Carmona

    13 dagen geleden


  • Super Sean GA
    Super Sean GA13 dagen geleden


  • MasterOfNintendo 95
    MasterOfNintendo 9513 dagen geleden


  • Ty Ty Star Gaming
    Ty Ty Star Gaming13 dagen geleden


  • Fred Fred
    Fred Fred13 dagen geleden

    Nice one Kyrie

  • Spooky Shadow
    Spooky Shadow13 dagen geleden


  • Mr. Garcia

    Mr. Garcia

    13 dagen geleden