Best of Steph's DUNKS vs Giannis' THREES! 👀


Stephen Curry career SLAMS 💥 vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo career TRIPLES 🔥
Before they go head-to-head TONIGHT (NBA on TNT, 10pm/et), catch the best career dunks from Steph and best career threes from Giannis as the Golden State Warriors host the Milwaukee Bucks in SF! Who ya got??
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  • Zuhayr Syed
    Zuhayr Syed45 minuten geleden

    Next, ben simmons threes vs shaqs threes

  • Danielius Botvich
    Danielius Botvich55 minuten geleden

    ISTG Steph's dunks are better than the entire wnba

  • mmk
    mmk2 uur geleden

    curry has more dunks then i thougt and i kow he has like 4 more in all star games. and he be doin windmills in practice lmfaoooo

  • NBA Highlights From the 6ix
    NBA Highlights From the 6ix5 uur geleden

    They should have done Ben Simmons three pointers vs currys dunks becaue giannis could shoot threes but it is so inconsistent

  • ItsWolfy
    ItsWolfy7 uur geleden

    *Coming up next:Shaq best free throws vs Kobes best assists*

  • Fallen 00
    Fallen 0013 uur geleden

    Man had more threes than Ben Simmons has in his career

  • Hii Ming Ming
    Hii Ming Ming15 uur geleden

    Curry's dunks are just lit and more exciting.That hits different feelings.😂

  • GuessWhoNot
    GuessWhoNot16 uur geleden

    Correction: ALL of Steph's dunks vs. Giannis' best threes.

  • Jasaun Thompson
    Jasaun Thompson17 uur geleden


  • Anhad Seth
    Anhad SethDag geleden

    Running low on new ideas?

  • Robert Coulter
    Robert CoulterDag geleden

    If people who don't know about the NBA would think curry is a dunk contest winner and giannis is a 3 pt player

  • Ao Football14
    Ao Football14Dag geleden

    This is not best its all

  • Sugarist0
    Sugarist0Dag geleden

    Would’ve been funny to see some fails, like some slips and airballs

  • JamFan2
    JamFan2Dag geleden

    Giannis has a better 3 Point rating in 2K than Curry's dunk ratings!

  • Yeet Psych0
    Yeet Psych0Dag geleden

    Switch them around and this video will be 9 hours

  • Jaden
    Jaden2 dagen geleden

    next they should do lebron acrobat layups and kyrie dunks or limitless range threes

  • Chris Uk
    Chris Uk2 dagen geleden

    This is legendary😂🐐🐐

  • Oren Schwarz
    Oren Schwarz2 dagen geleden


  • Vaggelis Karagiannis
    Vaggelis Karagiannis2 dagen geleden

    In a parallel universe lol

  • RT
    RT4 dagen geleden

    When “lil fella” is 6’3”....

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez4 dagen geleden

    2:52 travel?

  • BM.えすくん
    BM.えすくん4 dagen geleden


  • Mc Colin
    Mc Colin4 dagen geleden


  • Spidervenom23
    Spidervenom235 dagen geleden

    Giannis should not be able to get a jumper. It's not Fair to everyone else in the league lol.

  • YasueYagami
    YasueYagami5 dagen geleden

    the world is upside down

  • Jared Traynor
    Jared Traynor5 dagen geleden

    Damn I can't tell whose who

  • gamer dude
    gamer dude5 dagen geleden

    we all know why the video is only 5 mins long

  • Team Moldz
    Team Moldz5 dagen geleden

    5 min of video 😂😂

  • Nacho Pizzini
    Nacho Pizzini5 dagen geleden

    weird combo

  • Henryk91
    Henryk916 dagen geleden

    2:28 bc of the angle he was running at towards the end,i started having flashbacks of his slip on the attempted dunk he made alst time.

  • Black Mullet
    Black Mullet6 dagen geleden

    Next up: Best of Steve Nash's DUNKS vs Shaquille's THREES! 👀

  • JM Diaz
    JM Diaz6 dagen geleden

    should be steph and ben simmons lmao

  • Sanyam Lugani
    Sanyam Lugani7 dagen geleden

    Oppsite things LOL

  • Cody Benfield
    Cody Benfield7 dagen geleden

    I don’t understand why ppl are surprised a 6’3” dude can dunk.

  • Chase The Goat
    Chase The Goat7 dagen geleden

    LOL 😂

  • Nba Shorts
    Nba Shorts8 dagen geleden

    Love to see this

  • Jcson_Beez
    Jcson_Beez8 dagen geleden

    Petition to put Curry in the dunk contest next year

  • Tom Rose
    Tom Rose8 dagen geleden

    We playin Uno?

  • Matteo Mantuano
    Matteo Mantuano8 dagen geleden

    Not the video we deserved but the video we needed

  • Christoph Maaß
    Christoph Maaß8 dagen geleden

    Do simmons vs shaq threes...o wait, none of them hits

  • Certified Idiot
    Certified Idiot8 dagen geleden

    Bruh they had to use a Steph Curry dunk from 2016 to make this vid 💀.

    JUST JEFF8 dagen geleden

    Alternative title: All of Steph's dunks vs Giannis' Threes.

  • Rex Moal
    Rex Moal9 dagen geleden

    Steph curry has almost as many made dunks compared to WNBA history lmao 😂

  • Jake Hodges
    Jake Hodges9 dagen geleden

    you have no idea how many times i reread the title

  • Renz Daniel
    Renz Daniel9 dagen geleden

    I'm sure they wanted to do it with Simmons but realized the video won't be that long

  • Thanos Argyropoulos
    Thanos Argyropoulos9 dagen geleden

    1:15 KD jus stole Curry’s highlight

  • Bionic Deshawn
    Bionic Deshawn9 dagen geleden

    Lemme find out giannis a shooting guard

  • Samuel correal
    Samuel correal9 dagen geleden

    who else loved it when u saw a warriors jersey u knew a Curry dunk was coming

  • Jackson Fuller
    Jackson Fuller10 dagen geleden

    ALL of Stephs dunks vs ALL of Giannis’ threes

  • SirBrokenChicken
    SirBrokenChicken10 dagen geleden

    Everyone watching this had to make sure they read the title right

  • Caleb Flint
    Caleb Flint10 dagen geleden

    Curry got hops but giannis got better shooting

  • nerved
    nerved10 dagen geleden

    Curry can only dunk with his right? Didn't know that

  • Chris S
    Chris S11 dagen geleden

    Vid sucks

  • Κατερινα Αβραμοπουλου
    Κατερινα Αβραμοπουλου11 dagen geleden

    Guys sorry but I read the title wrong ?

  • Big Delc
    Big Delc11 dagen geleden

    Someone said I look like Giannis Antekumpo

  • Fayzan Ramzan
    Fayzan Ramzan11 dagen geleden

    Me who is like okay this title is reversed

  • Bella Zafico
    Bella Zafico11 dagen geleden

    Credits to Kelly.....

  • Official Giannis Akumpo
    Official Giannis Akumpo11 dagen geleden


  • Samuel Keay
    Samuel Keay11 dagen geleden

    *everyone liked that*

  • Dlo Maso
    Dlo Maso11 dagen geleden

    AND CAN WE GIVE SOME CREDIT TO CURRYS TWO POSTERS IN THE BEGINNING?!!!??😂😅🙀he ain’t even like dat is the funny part

  • Dlo Maso
    Dlo Maso11 dagen geleden

    Imagine the Hornets announcer on these plays😳😂

  • Tristan Angelo Payumo
    Tristan Angelo Payumo11 dagen geleden

    I wonder who has more like makes steph dunks or giannis threes

  • akinsheye1
    akinsheye111 dagen geleden

    Curry is 6ft3!! Cmon Man! I grew up with dudes dunking at 5ft8 lol

  • Tiệp Nguyễn Duy
    Tiệp Nguyễn Duy11 dagen geleden

    all of steph's dunks vs best of giannis's threes

  • Motherfucker
    Motherfucker11 dagen geleden

    curry is better at shooting and dunking his plays are just so smooth giannis's threes are ugly

  • Keone Carlsten Capan
    Keone Carlsten Capan11 dagen geleden

    they switch strength

  • Mei Yeung
    Mei Yeung12 dagen geleden

    Giannis three shot was ready good

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady12 dagen geleden

    Imagine they showed Giannis air balling and steph slipping lol

  • Rosie Wyatt
    Rosie Wyatt12 dagen geleden

    The abundant police archaeologically unpack because pull acromegaly chase unlike a workable pancake. courageous, itchy shallot

  • y.m charlesworth
    y.m charlesworth12 dagen geleden

    @gary mason its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it because it actually changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

  • Naveed Thalappil
    Naveed Thalappil12 dagen geleden

    This for people who say that Giannis has no skill and Curry can’t defend (most of his dunks were from good steals)

  • Arun Beckham
    Arun Beckham12 dagen geleden

    waiting for curry to comeback from recovery.

  • Adventure Expeditions
    Adventure Expeditions12 dagen geleden

    Is anyone actually here to watch Giannis shoot 3's? Cummon, we're here for Steph jam!

  • chris turner
    chris turner12 dagen geleden

    Simmons on giannis 👀

  • Ali Gilani
    Ali Gilani12 dagen geleden

    Do lebrons best plays in his career or maybe Dirk cause it’s been almost 2 years since he retired

  • Joshua Ariel Fermín Saldaña
    Joshua Ariel Fermín Saldaña12 dagen geleden

    Next video: shaq vs De'andre Jordan in a three point contest🤣😂😂

  • Lul Gebreab
    Lul Gebreab12 dagen geleden

    Giannis hits a buzzer beater and Steph with the 2 hand slam🔥

  • Lul Gebreab
    Lul Gebreab12 dagen geleden

    Tuff Giannis ain't even playing today 😒

    DIVA AGGARWAL12 dagen geleden

    next video : shaqs 3s and cp3 dunks.

    DIVA AGGARWAL12 dagen geleden

    i thought i read the title wrong for 1sec-

    DIVA AGGARWAL12 dagen geleden

    omg look at inspirational 😂👑🔥

  • Will N
    Will N12 dagen geleden

    to see fans like that is like it was 10 years ago

  • Will N
    Will N12 dagen geleden

    You have to read the title 2 times to really understand what it's about😅

  • Josef Don M. Armamento
    Josef Don M. Armamento12 dagen geleden

    When Giannis shoots 100% from three better than Ben Simmons!

  • Syrone Jacque
    Syrone Jacque12 dagen geleden

    Ok NBA that's a good content 🔥

  • Shan Kyle Evangelista
    Shan Kyle Evangelista12 dagen geleden


  • ClampsxJuice
    ClampsxJuice12 dagen geleden

    I thought I read the title wrong🤣🤣no cap🧢

  • Charlie Fox
    Charlie Fox12 dagen geleden

    The raspy parallelogram postauricularly grip because passenger conversly fix around a old timbale. overjoyed, wild snail

  • EL14 BEAT
    EL14 BEAT12 dagen geleden

    Nice Steph and Giannis

  • Ac1d Dragon
    Ac1d Dragon12 dagen geleden

    Oh how the tables have turned....

  • 강승현
    강승현12 dagen geleden

    Curry's dunk is more rare

  • Arenz
    Arenz12 dagen geleden

    Is this a late April fool's?

  • Lap Lap Ricky Fung
    Lap Lap Ricky Fung12 dagen geleden

  • SOB Hijo
    SOB Hijo12 dagen geleden

    Who else read the title wrong?😂

  • Liquid Fire
    Liquid Fire12 dagen geleden

    Lol they have to do one for Larry's dunks and Magic's three's

  • Lurkkk
    Lurkkk12 dagen geleden

    Giannis leans his head back too much when shooting. I think it would improve his jumper if he didnt do this

  • Justky96
    Justky9612 dagen geleden

    This is corny

  • Levente Grafl
    Levente Grafl12 dagen geleden

    The real title is: best of Giannis' threes and all Curry dunks :D

    IAMGSS12 dagen geleden

    my two favourite players. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kunaii
    Kunaii12 dagen geleden

    Title should be: "Curry and Antetokoumnpo barely dunking and making three's."

  • SirBrokenChicken


    10 dagen geleden

    Nah that's confusing