Guess Who? | #Shorts


Nicholas Claxton's hair slow-mo pregame
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  • Basketball Tips
    Basketball TipsDag geleden

    Nick claxton

  • Aj Barros
    Aj Barros3 dagen geleden

    I thought it is a Dancing Mop! 🤣

    BASKETBALL 494 dagen geleden


  • Splashout
    Splashout10 dagen geleden

    Nick clackson

  • Ari Held
    Ari Held11 dagen geleden

    I thought they were chedoes when I clicked on the video at first.

  • Carl tristan Navarro
    Carl tristan Navarro12 dagen geleden


  • N8 A name
    N8 A name12 dagen geleden

    Clax Attack

  • Nick Ross
    Nick Ross12 dagen geleden

    Nicklaus claxton

  • Сергій Ігорович
    Сергій Ігорович12 dagen geleden


  • Ahmet Koçer
    Ahmet Koçer12 dagen geleden


  • MyKe playz-mm
    MyKe playz-mm12 dagen geleden

    He said nick claxtons hair

  • Laiyemo Boys
    Laiyemo Boys12 dagen geleden

    I thought they were cheetos until they were moving like hair

  • Gener C. D.
    Gener C. D.12 dagen geleden

    I thought that was my lost floor map

  • Riese 1979
    Riese 197912 dagen geleden

    Ruud Gullit

  • Pboy Udoye
    Pboy Udoye12 dagen geleden

    Lil Wayne

  • Alisha Zehra
    Alisha Zehra12 dagen geleden

    A mop.

  • Rk Rough
    Rk Rough12 dagen geleden

    A mop definitely

  • Ej
    Ej12 dagen geleden

    lil durk fs

  • Joachim Foxwell
    Joachim Foxwell12 dagen geleden

    Nicolas Claxton

  • Myboyz Mkhize
    Myboyz Mkhize12 dagen geleden

    Everyone: “My guess is Nicolas Claxton” Me: *didn’t he say it’s a mop* 👁👄👁

  • Seif Aboud
    Seif Aboud12 dagen geleden

    They say guess who when the commentators say his name

  • Aydreean C
    Aydreean C12 dagen geleden

    colombian footballer carlos valderrama.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Raggs Filthy
    Raggs Filthy12 dagen geleden

    Whoever knew that Richard Jefferson who used to be dunking on people and playing good defense would end up becoming a Goatmentater Prodigy!

  • Fadil
    Fadil12 dagen geleden

    Trippie redd

  • Αλέξανδρος Παπαλεξανδρου
    Αλέξανδρος Παπαλεξανδρου12 dagen geleden


  • Rock n Roll
    Rock n Roll12 dagen geleden


  • ユウトひらりん
    ユウトひらりん12 dagen geleden


  • Dean Moun
    Dean Moun13 dagen geleden

    Wow what a racist

  • Patrick Beverly
    Patrick Beverly13 dagen geleden

    Give that guy a map...... I.....mean....Mop 🤦

  • mill b
    mill b13 dagen geleden b

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez13 dagen geleden

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💜

  • Mohammed Haider
    Mohammed Haider13 dagen geleden


  • Matthew Murray
    Matthew Murray13 dagen geleden

    Nicolas Claxton

  • Ayeaye Cseh
    Ayeaye Cseh13 dagen geleden


  • SeverTheBond
    SeverTheBond13 dagen geleden


  • Itsgioboi
    Itsgioboi13 dagen geleden

    It’s playboi claxton 🦋

  • Raymark Rafanan
    Raymark Rafanan13 dagen geleden

    Claxton from my brooklyn nets team 🔥

  • CJ Fraser
    CJ Fraser13 dagen geleden

    Claxton fosho

  • Master_Profile
    Master_Profile13 dagen geleden

    Trippie redd

  • 정대만
    정대만13 dagen geleden

    흐드러진거 보소

    DIVA AGGARWAL13 dagen geleden

    honestly it looked like worms on the disrespect/hate towards whoever the player was but yee ( i think its claxton )

  • eximious 17
    eximious 1713 dagen geleden

    a freaking MOP

  • Javon Summerhill
    Javon Summerhill13 dagen geleden

    Lil durk dancing after he just got shot two two threes make em dance

  • EingeL
    EingeL13 dagen geleden


  • Simply Luis
    Simply Luis13 dagen geleden

    A mop after soaking up some soda?

  • BKNY
    BKNY13 dagen geleden

    Claxton Clap 👏 🙌

  • Bo S
    Bo S13 dagen geleden

    The kid with Brooklyn!

  • Caden Terry
    Caden Terry13 dagen geleden


  • Jesco White
    Jesco White13 dagen geleden

    LeBron James?

  • Cole Kennedy
    Cole Kennedy13 dagen geleden

    Nicolas Claxton

  • Amari Estis
    Amari Estis13 dagen geleden

    Brandon Clarke

  • Spike Wilson
    Spike Wilson13 dagen geleden


  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson13 dagen geleden

    Stephen Curry?

  • シ
    13 dagen geleden

    Bruh is it me or the game highlights is gone?? Like I'm scrolling for a while now and I can't see any of those

  • YNL_RedBoy
    YNL_RedBoy13 dagen geleden

    Playboi carti

  • majestic zeus
    majestic zeus13 dagen geleden


  • Mavrick
    Mavrick13 dagen geleden

    I thought it was shaq wearing a wig

  • Sharp Young
    Sharp Young13 dagen geleden

    Nicholas Claxton was the first player that came to my mind.

  • Bagirav • 60 years ago

    Bagirav • 60 years ago

    Dag geleden

    Same they said it in the video lol

  • aaron berhane

    aaron berhane

    12 dagen geleden


  • Amirhomayoun Khademi

    Amirhomayoun Khademi

    12 dagen geleden

    No way

  • Olayinka Odumbo

    Olayinka Odumbo

    13 dagen geleden


  • M411h3w


    13 dagen geleden


  • Death Trap
    Death Trap13 dagen geleden

    Looks like a mop but it’s brown

  • Hectic Highlights
    Hectic Highlights13 dagen geleden

    Saw the thumbnail and immediately knew who it was

  • 김형수
    김형수13 dagen geleden

    우리집 대걸레 nba 진출했네

  • Andre Drummond
    Andre Drummond13 dagen geleden

    I guessed right.

  • Zion KausHagen
    Zion KausHagen13 dagen geleden


  • You Liked Your Own Comment
    You Liked Your Own Comment13 dagen geleden

    Thats a Komondor dog

  • DiamondHero
    DiamondHero13 dagen geleden

    Claxton from Brooklyn nets

  • ChristmasCrybaby
    ChristmasCrybaby13 dagen geleden

    Brittney Griner!?

  • 3023cbo


    13 dagen geleden


  • Someone You don’t know
    Someone You don’t know13 dagen geleden

    Nic claxton

  • KyoFanDuB
    KyoFanDuB13 dagen geleden

    I hate this "shorts" videos on YT

  • J S
    J S13 dagen geleden

    Brandon Clarke

  • xHawaiii
    xHawaiii13 dagen geleden

    Now nba is doing shorts lmao

  • Prime Choi Min-ki
    Prime Choi Min-ki13 dagen geleden

    Patrick cloud

  • espary- Nolan
    espary- Nolan13 dagen geleden


  • Marcus Adaimy
    Marcus Adaimy13 dagen geleden

    Nicolas Claxton 100%

  • Christian Karl
    Christian Karl13 dagen geleden

    I think that's is me 😂😂😂

  • Toronto Raptors
    Toronto Raptors13 dagen geleden

    I could guess Claxton in the thumbnail not lying

  • Number Eleven

    Number Eleven

    13 dagen geleden

    Yeah he has very distinct dreads.

  • Khylles Kintao
    Khylles Kintao13 dagen geleden

    Ja morant

  • Antoine McLean Jr.
    Antoine McLean Jr.13 dagen geleden

    it’s gotta be the dude from the nets that’s was poppin off against the rockets the other day

  • Antoine McLean Jr.

    Antoine McLean Jr.

    13 dagen geleden

    @Breezy Productions my bad bro i just didn’t know his name lmfaooo😭😭😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️ smh🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Breezy Productions

    Breezy Productions

    13 dagen geleden

    The disrespect to Nic Claxton

  • R Crespo
    R Crespo13 dagen geleden

    Dwight Howard

  • M.I.C. Vocab Collier
    M.I.C. Vocab Collier13 dagen geleden

    Nicholas Claxton's hair slow-mo pregame oh

  • ЭmиL
    ЭmиL13 dagen geleden

    That would clean my floor pretty well

  • Eggplant King
    Eggplant King13 dagen geleden

    Fernando tatis jr

  • Cooper Allen
    Cooper Allen13 dagen geleden

    Why my WIFI shit

  • loveforthe90s
    loveforthe90s13 dagen geleden

    Me when I get out of the shower 🤣 long hair a painnnn tho

  • Lan And
    Lan And13 dagen geleden


  • Lucas Shmookas
    Lucas Shmookas13 dagen geleden

    I going to go with Dwight Howard!!

  • Corteo Longoria
    Corteo Longoria13 dagen geleden


  • Rigino Pitallo
    Rigino Pitallo13 dagen geleden

    Jimi Hendrix

  • Brody Little
    Brody Little13 dagen geleden

    Nicolas Claxton

  • dfeliz83
    dfeliz8313 dagen geleden

    I thought it was one of those dreaded dogs 🐕....

  • Jacob
    Jacob13 dagen geleden

    It’s a pompom bro

  • Goated27
    Goated2713 dagen geleden

    Don't need the audio to guess Claxton

  • Tan9
    Tan913 dagen geleden


  • ranchosdelnorte
    ranchosdelnorte13 dagen geleden

    That's {insert any player's name} when his manscape kit is running late

  • Ben
    Ben13 dagen geleden

    That Claxton dude

  • Odin Is awesome
    Odin Is awesome13 dagen geleden

    Before I clicked on this video I guessed it!

  • Philip Elo
    Philip Elo13 dagen geleden

    Got it right

  • Ben Littlefield
    Ben Littlefield13 dagen geleden

    Rip myself for thinking those were pretzels 😂

  • Madilyn Gafford

    Madilyn Gafford

    12 dagen geleden

    Omg!! I read your comment and I just started laughing

  • RoseCurry AndDeRozan

    RoseCurry AndDeRozan

    12 dagen geleden

    I can't unsee it now. 🤣

  • BENNYtheballer ONE YT AKA the walking W

    BENNYtheballer ONE YT AKA the walking W

    13 dagen geleden


  • Colton Ray
    Colton Ray13 dagen geleden


  • Almighty Drew
    Almighty Drew13 dagen geleden

    Next time mute it. But I already knew

  • Avery Bradley
    Avery Bradley13 dagen geleden

    Dirty mop