Holiday LIGHTS IT UP in Road W! 🔥


Jrue Holiday (7 REB, 11 AST) led the way for the Bucks with a season-high 33 PTS, as Milwaukee defeated the Sacramento Kings, 129-128, on the road!
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  • Stazia Kibera
    Stazia Kibera15 uur geleden

    The rmj experiment on NLdron

  • Christopher Stevens
    Christopher Stevens2 dagen geleden

    I remember during a post game interview this dude said: “it’s simple, I like scoring on people n I hate getting scored on”

  • Khadian Crichlow
    Khadian Crichlow12 dagen geleden

    No cap I’m a big jrue fan and been vouching for him as underrated but this is the first breakout game I’ve seen from him all season if he keeps this up respect should be on his name

  • RetroMamba
    RetroMamba12 dagen geleden


  • Van Fanel
    Van Fanel12 dagen geleden

    lakers fans: we should have traded for jrue holiday. 😅😅😅

  • Jacey Gaither
    Jacey Gaither13 dagen geleden

    the fact that people are actually saying this dude is overpaid is proof that he's the most underrated player in the entire league. The single best perimeter defender in the league and he can drop a cool 33-11-7 when his mvp teammate is out. He's a clear max player.

  • jethawk1172


    10 dagen geleden

    I remember he was on Philly and he’s just gotten better with his defense. This is his most consistent shooting year and his best defensive year. He should’ve been an all star more idk why he doesn’t get the recognition. He’s in my top 5 with guards has been for a few years

  • Rikdo-Koshiz Stream
    Rikdo-Koshiz Stream13 dagen geleden

    Bucks fans are excited for The holiday donte Middleton and kounmpo show the next 3 years

  • squadup22
    squadup2214 dagen geleden

    Jrue is literally the perfect player. He does everything on the court at a high level.

  • Dreads_Mcgee
    Dreads_Mcgee14 dagen geleden

    jrue can takeover any time he just plays his role

  • Gio Torres
    Gio Torres14 dagen geleden

    While yall riding da nets bet 5 Bucks beat em if they meet

  • Noble Venom
    Noble Venom14 dagen geleden

    After this performance he got rewarded with a juicy contract lol

  • kelan cameron

    kelan cameron

    14 dagen geleden

    *His performance against the Blazers

  • Stacks l
    Stacks l14 dagen geleden

    I told people stop sleeping on my boy jrue

  • Watson Tsui
    Watson Tsui14 dagen geleden

    40m player worth it my boy getting paid!

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen14 dagen geleden

    Jrue is so tuff 💪

  • Glady Luy
    Glady Luy14 dagen geleden

    Whos here for 160m, 4yr contract extension?..makes this blue 👇👇

  • Franklin Nathaniel Heredia Javier
    Franklin Nathaniel Heredia Javier14 dagen geleden

    40 million/year I think it's worth

  • Keilan Harris
    Keilan Harris14 dagen geleden

    Just signed a max contract

  • one thousand eyes
    one thousand eyes14 dagen geleden

    Anthony Davis was wasting this man's career

  • Telly natan Diallo
    Telly natan Diallo14 dagen geleden

    4 year 160 mil for Jrue 💯💯

  • emills
    emills14 dagen geleden

    I love jrue so much so underrated

  • alecpro6
    alecpro614 dagen geleden

    look at the video that is on my channel, I would be very excited😁👍

    AMGAD WIZ14 dagen geleden

    Good player.

  • Zayks Natural Vlogs
    Zayks Natural Vlogs14 dagen geleden

    Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment 🏆

  • GreekSneakCollector
    GreekSneakCollector14 dagen geleden

    Jrue is always true!!

  • Weltch First2
    Weltch First214 dagen geleden

    This guy could easily be a multiple time all star his game so smooth

  • Gavin Outlaw

    Gavin Outlaw

    14 dagen geleden

    @Schuyler Savage Mike Conley in his time with the Memphis..

  • Darren's NBA Takes

    Darren's NBA Takes

    14 dagen geleden

    @Schuyler Savage jerami grant to memphis rumors

  • Schuyler Savage

    Schuyler Savage

    14 dagen geleden

    Or maybe not even other eras, just simply if the guard position wasn’t so ridiculously stacked

  • Schuyler Savage

    Schuyler Savage

    14 dagen geleden

    Think of how many guards in the league could have been multiple time all stars in other eras?? It’s crazy

  • Walter Johnson
    Walter Johnson14 dagen geleden

    this is why Holiday > Bledsoe.

  • Rahul Gogna

    Rahul Gogna

    11 dagen geleden

    Lol that’s a given bro...

  • Kareem Al Zu'Bi

    Kareem Al Zu'Bi

    12 dagen geleden

    @Walter Johnson Bledsoe isn’t even that good on defense.If u see his defensive stats this season They trash.Giannis made his defense look good but in fact he’s lazy and terrible in the playoffs

  • Walter Johnson

    Walter Johnson

    14 dagen geleden

    @Lunacy people say bucks didn’t upgrade much cuz bledsoe can play defense well also 🤷🏽 i’m a firm believer holiday pushes them into serious contention but they have no assets besides lopez and divincenzo left to improve the team

  • Lunacy


    14 dagen geleden

    Imagine even comparing those two. That's only what numbers and fantasy basketball bandwagoner would do.

  • FealqE


    14 dagen geleden

    not even a debate lmao

  • Elian Yap
    Elian Yap15 dagen geleden

    One of the underrated guys out there🔥

  • Max Billund
    Max Billund15 dagen geleden

    Hello you can go in and check my Channel if you want to

  • Bro Bh
    Bro Bh15 dagen geleden

    NBA is awesome to Watch buddy

  • Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
    Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy15 dagen geleden

    Almost 3 Rebounds away of the Triple Double.

  • Bene G

    Bene G

    14 dagen geleden

    Yeah and just 3 rebounds and 9 steals or blocks away from quadruple double 💪

  • FredyJfrm6Zero MKE
    FredyJfrm6Zero MKE15 dagen geleden

    I hope he stays instead of rolling with bron next year.

  • william mcintosh

    william mcintosh

    14 dagen geleden

    Apparently he’s just agreed to a 4 year extension

  • LH Mike 6
    LH Mike 615 dagen geleden

    Bledsoe could never

  • CheddarBob Reacts & Reviews!
    CheddarBob Reacts & Reviews!15 dagen geleden

    that last euro though omg

  • Pablo Sprague
    Pablo Sprague15 dagen geleden


  • DiVincenshow CHing
    DiVincenshow CHing15 dagen geleden

    33 points 7 rebounds (included 6 OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS) 11 assists 1 steal 1 block 1 TO only FG: 14/23 (3/5 from downtown) 🐐🐐🐐

  • Сергей Мезенцев
    Сергей Мезенцев15 dagen geleden

    игра была огонь не зря проснулся и поставил тбшчку))))

  • Kira Kakashi
    Kira Kakashi15 dagen geleden


  • Jayivey7
    Jayivey715 dagen geleden

    Is he the second best player on the Bucks?

  • Lunacy


    14 dagen geleden

    He outplayed Lillard and the whole Blazers squad in the playoffs alone. That's not even the debate. It's just he is very adaptable and unselfish so he doesn't care about numbers, constantly having the ball in his hands, or getting the most shots. He is there to win.

  • Costa Panayi

    Costa Panayi

    14 dagen geleden

    He is the most intelligent player on the Bucks

  • Shittu Jo

    Shittu Jo

    14 dagen geleden

    Jrue is better , he is by far the better defender and playmaker scoring wise Middleton is better from 3 and midrange but Jrue is better in the paint and finishing so I feel like he should be the 2nd option in Milwaukee

  • Thomas Sankara

    Thomas Sankara

    15 dagen geleden

    @Brit Muffin 2A and 2B. But Jrue has been better lately

  • Brit Muffin

    Brit Muffin

    15 dagen geleden

    No Middleton been hear since beginning

  • Ron Ron
    Ron Ron15 dagen geleden

    That boy holiday a bucket

  • LenZr
    LenZr15 dagen geleden


  • Rahul Gogna

    Rahul Gogna

    11 dagen geleden


  • Fotis Zisis

    Fotis Zisis

    13 dagen geleden

    100% Midleton is not for Bucks. Bucks need better SF like Geremy Grant

  • Destruction Warrior Evolved

    Destruction Warrior Evolved

    14 dagen geleden

    Jrue is way too underrated and underappreciated

  • Soy Sizzle

    Soy Sizzle

    14 dagen geleden

    I’m glad Giannis actually has a true 2nd option on his team now.

    DIVA AGGARWAL15 dagen geleden

    hope stephen , lebron, AD and others recover soon



    14 dagen geleden

    @ItsAidan what’s up man

  • ItsAidan


    14 dagen geleden

    @Fuck yo feelings He a clout chaser lmao

  • Fuck yo feelings

    Fuck yo feelings

    14 dagen geleden

    @ItsAidan don’t have to be

  • ItsAidan


    14 dagen geleden

    This video ain’t about them

  • An Trinh

    An Trinh

    14 dagen geleden

  • JS Yoo
    JS Yoo15 dagen geleden

    With Brook lopez's 26 points!! SPLASH MOUNTAIN IS BACK !!

  • Namon Taylor
    Namon Taylor15 dagen geleden


  • Cesar Orozco
    Cesar Orozco15 dagen geleden

    He should do this in the playoffs so the bucks can reach ECF vs the nets

  • Joseph Bailey

    Joseph Bailey

    12 dagen geleden

    He will but we have to beat the nets I think we can we have more will power then they do but they have 3 scorers. we should be fine I believe we can beat the nets people will laugh but think about it as soon as kd kyire and harden sign everybody gave them a automatic championship breth but who are the role players blake hell we have people that can score as much points with better defense. Who else you got our x factor will be the rookie or giannis big bro I believe this team can surprise alot of people.

  • Tos


    13 dagen geleden

    @Fotis Zisis what are you talking about dude? Middleton is miles ahead of Grant 🤡 he’s not 50/40/90

  • Fotis Zisis

    Fotis Zisis

    13 dagen geleden

    Bucks need better SF. Trade Midleton to Geremy grant

  • Soy Sizzle

    Soy Sizzle

    14 dagen geleden

    He’s gonna be way better than Bledsoe that for sure.

  • An Trinh

    An Trinh

    14 dagen geleden

  • Liam’s Prodigy Life
    Liam’s Prodigy Life15 dagen geleden


  • Makok bs
    Makok bs15 dagen geleden

    Hi feature

  • Usman Ahmad
    Usman Ahmad15 dagen geleden

    Early gang

    DIVA AGGARWAL15 dagen geleden

    i luvvvv sport everr

  • Fred Fred
    Fred Fred15 dagen geleden

    He should go to the Warriors.

  • hitstickn1ck


    14 dagen geleden

    He just signed a deal to stay

  • Sir Robin of Camelot

    Sir Robin of Camelot

    14 dagen geleden

    Nah fuk u

  • FealqE


    14 dagen geleden

    why lmao

  • vincent fleming

    vincent fleming

    14 dagen geleden

    @krakenz playz and I got BAAAWLD HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DiVincenshow CHing

    DiVincenshow CHing

    15 dagen geleden

    Everybody have to go to the Warriors LMAO