Isaiah Thomas Makes His Pelicans Debut! | #shorts


That. Slow. Grind.
Isaiah Thomas checks in for his New Orleans Pelicans debut and quickly drops his first dime and bucket! #Shorts
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  • Aj Barros
    Aj Barros3 dagen geleden

    NBA trolling IT #shorts

  • iamSephiroth Gaming
    iamSephiroth Gaming9 dagen geleden

    Pelicans lost 2 games with him already, so I think it's not a good fit.

    I CHAP YT9 dagen geleden

    Isaiah thomas is a SHORTS video Nice one

  • Jim Krause
    Jim Krause10 dagen geleden

    Pelicans Nation Baby!!

  • Jim Krause
    Jim Krause10 dagen geleden


  • Jim Krause
    Jim Krause10 dagen geleden

    I love you IT!

  • KyleNamite
    KyleNamite10 dagen geleden

    This does put a smile on my face

  • SiOtheORANGE
    SiOtheORANGE10 dagen geleden

    Ah, Isaia! You are the dream of me and my son! Remember that your fans are still in Japan!

  • King Joe
    King Joe11 dagen geleden

    finally so happy for him

  • Student Loan Justice
    Student Loan Justice11 dagen geleden

    He looked Good!

  • romaine Paul
    romaine Paul11 dagen geleden

    Get fuxkn dem iziah

  • Dark Room Gaming
    Dark Room Gaming11 dagen geleden


    DJ KOOL AID GUY11 dagen geleden

    Flight typa Thumbnail

  • mill b
    mill b11 dagen geleden z

  • Darrell Arrington
    Darrell Arrington11 dagen geleden

    Now get rid of Bledsoe

  • Don peta Zaragomatuta
    Don peta Zaragomatuta11 dagen geleden

    The bucks should get this dude

  • Colon Sanciangko
    Colon Sanciangko11 dagen geleden

    But..... That's Russell Westbrook

  • Muslim Farel Irsanto
    Muslim Farel Irsanto11 dagen geleden

    Hope he's gettin signed by a contender team. Dude is still a walking buckets.

  • Aa
    Aa11 dagen geleden

    max video quality 360p? NBA WHAT???

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith12 dagen geleden

    Good for him man

  • Mvtito
    Mvtito12 dagen geleden

    League in trouble now

  • WeAreTheVirus89
    WeAreTheVirus8912 dagen geleden

    Kyrie left anyways so yeah they still did him dirty.

  • Nmzombi3
    Nmzombi312 dagen geleden

    God damn he’s the reason they lost could fucking hit a shot 4/13 oh wait that a better average than fucking Paul George’s in the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!

  • GreekSneakCollector
    GreekSneakCollector12 dagen geleden

    Welcome back!

  • yuyuzfool yuyuzfool
    yuyuzfool yuyuzfool12 dagen geleden

    Isaiah thomas is still a fkboy Bcuz he took Kobe's number #24 🤦🤦‍♂️

  • Paul BIGGS
    Paul BIGGS12 dagen geleden


  • Elwood Riley
    Elwood Riley12 dagen geleden

    Welcome back

  • yo aight
    yo aight12 dagen geleden

    nice thumbnail


    I like IT wearing number 24 for Kobe

  • Jann Vincent Regalado
    Jann Vincent Regalado12 dagen geleden

    Isaiah Thomas 24

    PRIVATE ARBACK12 dagen geleden

    The Celtics did him so dirty I hope they don't make the playoffs ever again

  • Rezzy Doc
    Rezzy Doc12 dagen geleden

    Fam puts in work... definitely deserve this #TMC 🏁

  • Plague Doc
    Plague Doc12 dagen geleden

    Feel like Isaiah is todays version of Spud webb.. Giving all the short fellas some hope and love.

  • Andrew
    Andrew12 dagen geleden


  • Yodatwinkie
    Yodatwinkie12 dagen geleden

    Take off 24 little man you’re trash nowadays disrespecting a NBA great

  • Im_wae
    Im_wae12 dagen geleden

    really proud of him

  • Abduh Maulana
    Abduh Maulana12 dagen geleden

    What’s up with the #short

  • Ian
    Ian12 dagen geleden

    that #shorts. 👀😂

  • alecpro6
    alecpro612 dagen geleden

    I'm super happy for Thomas

  • A M
    A M12 dagen geleden

    YEEESSSSS!!! YEEESSSS!! IT, baby! Ya'll should have never let him leave!

  • Cynsrd
    Cynsrd12 dagen geleden

    Hard not to root for IT

  • Calvin Toves Jr
    Calvin Toves Jr12 dagen geleden

    Yes he’s backkkkkkkk

  • Franco Mercado
    Franco Mercado12 dagen geleden

    yall aint need to call him short tho

  • Main Main
    Main Main12 dagen geleden

    I still remember thr brinks truck 😩😩😩

  • Connor Seams
    Connor Seams12 dagen geleden

    > #SHORTS Indeed.

  • Arqum Abdullah
    Arqum Abdullah12 dagen geleden

    Now give us Jeremy Lin😤😤

  • Konnichi1 Lol
    Konnichi1 Lol12 dagen geleden

    Damn russel westbrook

  • kj ben
    kj ben12 dagen geleden

    why you gotta do IT dirty with the hashtag ☠️

  • Max Dominguez
    Max Dominguez12 dagen geleden

    that hashtag is a violation💀

  • Family Ties Beats

    Family Ties Beats

    12 dagen geleden


  • Yung Martin
    Yung Martin12 dagen geleden


  • Apathy Noises
    Apathy Noises12 dagen geleden

    Mans been out so long his thumbnail became pixelated

  • christopher
    christopher12 dagen geleden

    shorts? was that a personal jab at IT? LOL

  • Renato Crruz
    Renato Crruz12 dagen geleden

    #shorts lmao

  • Aljhon Pastorfide
    Aljhon Pastorfide12 dagen geleden

    Miss that little guy with a big heart play

  • Leslie Moochewienes
    Leslie Moochewienes12 dagen geleden

    I'm glad Isaiah is back...good for him

  • Geo Leo
    Geo Leo12 dagen geleden

    I felt some type of way when announcer said good for him idky

  • johnkharloff
    johnkharloff12 dagen geleden

    Congrats and welcome back

  • IuhUan Francis
    IuhUan Francis12 dagen geleden

    Good pick by the pelicans, Next is a Good CENTEr. Try going Europe and see, Europe has a lot of centers that are good shooters too.

  • MrDynamiteDee
    MrDynamiteDee12 dagen geleden

    The 2k11 music just restored my faith in humanity lmao. We shall survive!

  • Jaka Gilang Ramadhan
    Jaka Gilang Ramadhan12 dagen geleden


  • Chat2 RB240z
    Chat2 RB240z12 dagen geleden

    I see u put on #24 omg mamba

    EXPLORE PH12 dagen geleden


  • Meat Sauce
    Meat Sauce12 dagen geleden

    Please extend his contract man I really want him to play for a couple years.

  • Oba Tv
    Oba Tv12 dagen geleden

    My man back like he just left his car keys

  • Roblox ID Codes
    Roblox ID Codes12 dagen geleden

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  • Dyey Pee Ey
    Dyey Pee Ey12 dagen geleden

    Danny Ainge fucked him over. Good for him coming back. He's an inspiration to those vertically challenged people.

  • Mr. Yusu
    Mr. Yusu12 dagen geleden

    IT wearing Kobe's. 🔥

  • Balls and bots
    Balls and bots12 dagen geleden

    What’s with the random shorts

  • Joshua Aguelo
    Joshua Aguelo12 dagen geleden

    and back with us ''iSaiAh tHoMaS!''

  • YukioRzkI
    YukioRzkI12 dagen geleden

    Russel Westbrook is back

  • LULU
    LULU12 dagen geleden

    Where’s JLin? Sign him

    PROVINCE LIFE12 dagen geleden

    IT is back

  • Aldrin Borjal
    Aldrin Borjal12 dagen geleden

    Mr. 4th quarter is back

  • Eric
    Eric12 dagen geleden

    i mean nba uploads are pathetic. wow

  • bh jdn
    bh jdn12 dagen geleden

    How about lin

  • Norton Fumera II
    Norton Fumera II12 dagen geleden

    So glad he is back 💜

  • Dioco Maglinte
    Dioco Maglinte12 dagen geleden

    Welcome back I.T

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario12 dagen geleden

    Isaiah Thomas is prob one of the most humble and talented ballers of all time

  • Deviot Deng

    Deviot Deng

    12 dagen geleden

  • Golden Mind

    Golden Mind

    12 dagen geleden

    He one of the best short kings

  • First Last

    First Last

    12 dagen geleden

    not before he got traded to cavs

  • We Meated Up
    We Meated Up12 dagen geleden

    Phew that 2K11 banger 🔥🔥🔥

  • We Meated Up

    We Meated Up

    11 dagen geleden

    @King David Bow Down to No Man by Hogni

  • Deviot Deng

    Deviot Deng

    12 dagen geleden

  • King David

    King David

    12 dagen geleden

    What’s it called!!

  • Tadhg Feehan
    Tadhg Feehan12 dagen geleden

    Give a like for Isaiah to go back to Celtics

  • gabriel
    gabriel12 dagen geleden

    hes got no.24

  • Richard Sementino
    Richard Sementino12 dagen geleden

    Sou fã desse cara. SUPERAÇÃO!

  • 96 baby
    96 baby12 dagen geleden


  • matissethybullelover69 testicles
    matissethybullelover69 testicles12 dagen geleden

    #shorts? Real classy

  • Jimmy G Butler
    Jimmy G Butler12 dagen geleden

    IT was a 28 ppg scorer in boston and king of the 4th quarter

  • King Hassan
    King Hassan12 dagen geleden

    The things this guy accomplished at 5'9 🥶💯✊🏾

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson12 dagen geleden

    Welcome back I.T go pels 💪💯

  • シュジラ
    シュジラ12 dagen geleden


    KID CASANOVA12 dagen geleden

    I've always had a deal of respect for Isaiah

  • Matheus Gampert Henz
    Matheus Gampert Henz12 dagen geleden

    That hashtag is disrespectful. Just because he’s short, doesn’t mean you have to advertise it to the whole world

  • Real Truth
    Real Truth12 dagen geleden

    Where was he all this time?

  • Angel mark Esguerra
    Angel mark Esguerra12 dagen geleden

    NBA putting #shorts when featuring IT.. i see what you did there NBA

  • BullShitThat
    BullShitThat12 dagen geleden


  • Knife Legs
    Knife Legs12 dagen geleden

    I am smiling right now. This guy inspired me to be a good basketball player despite of my shortcomings.

  • Brit Muffin

    Brit Muffin

    11 dagen geleden

    Come on man 😕

  • Tommy Nolan
    Tommy Nolan12 dagen geleden

    Did him dirty by giving him a #short, low key a shot at his height

  • MikeFraud Rings

    MikeFraud Rings

    12 dagen geleden


  • Basketball Inc.
    Basketball Inc.12 dagen geleden


  • unknown
    unknown12 dagen geleden


  • Mohid Shah
    Mohid Shah12 dagen geleden

    I’m so glad to see him back in the NBA

  • Yugain Arora
    Yugain Arora12 dagen geleden

    Just seeing him back in a jersey makes me happy makes me smile

  • Skrirrex
    Skrirrex12 dagen geleden

    the Celtics wronged him, glad he's back even if it's a 10 day contract

  • Deviot Deng

    Deviot Deng

    12 dagen geleden

  • First Last

    First Last

    12 dagen geleden

    @Main Main fcked up? like what other players do when their team expect them to resign but instead leave them in free agency? IT will leave the celtics if they dont give him a max, celtics made the right decision to trade him instead of being forced to sign him a max

  • Main Main

    Main Main

    12 dagen geleden

    @First Last i know its business but its still fucked up what they did to IT 😩😩

  • First Last

    First Last

    12 dagen geleden

    so celtics should have just signed him a max? when they could get a better player in kyrie?

  • Steven Sullivan

    Steven Sullivan

    12 dagen geleden

    I think they sign him