Kevin Durant Returns to Action! | #shorts


KD arrival + shootaround ahead of return to action
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  • DANGER _1300B
    DANGER _1300B3 dagen geleden

    Durant black mamba reborn💯

  • Agent black Jikiri
    Agent black Jikiri7 dagen geleden

    The iso gang is back😂 with there 5 gangs😂

  • Rildo Santos
    Rildo Santos9 dagen geleden

    Esse é fera.

  • Mary Duffy
    Mary Duffy10 dagen geleden

    Welcome back KD

  • kevinfr
    kevinfr10 dagen geleden

    Im the 1000th like

  • y.m charlesworth
    y.m charlesworth11 dagen geleden

    @elizabeth bradford its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it because it actually changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

  • Rusty Segismundo
    Rusty Segismundo11 dagen geleden

    The slim reaper has back lezgooo

  • Rule
    Rule11 dagen geleden

    All this praise for KD coming back but before LeBron got hurt he was actually getting criticism for everything...nevermind the fact he doesn't miss games...the whole NBA Is backwards...when LeBron retires you'll see his impact

  • Sundering Loki
    Sundering Loki11 dagen geleden

    Biggest snake in the nba. He’s been on 3 super teams okc, gsw, nets

  • Weverton Cristiano
    Weverton Cristiano11 dagen geleden

    Nets Campeão

  • Katrina Lee
    Katrina Lee11 dagen geleden


  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez11 dagen geleden

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💝

  • Miguel S
    Miguel S11 dagen geleden

    Kd’s favorite word is “Bucket”

  • Scp 049 The plague doctor
    Scp 049 The plague doctor11 dagen geleden


  • Roberto Castro
    Roberto Castro11 dagen geleden

    KD should of stayed in GS. Dynasty for 10 yrs.........

  • Theprfesssor
    Theprfesssor11 dagen geleden

    Bet he will drop 30

  • Charles Lalawigan
    Charles Lalawigan11 dagen geleden

    Look at KD man

  • Reid Ambrosio
    Reid Ambrosio11 dagen geleden


  • Lillian Magee
    Lillian Magee11 dagen geleden

    I’m so excited 😄😄

  • Genesis Vidal
    Genesis Vidal11 dagen geleden

    daog na... haha

  • Diether Santos

    Diether Santos

    11 dagen geleden

    Nakakakatakot na ang NETS 🤣

  • Jamis Mirs
    Jamis Mirs11 dagen geleden

    Can't w8 till this man retire, he's nothing without gsw.

  • Gio Torres
    Gio Torres11 dagen geleden

    KD scared to play Pressure getting to him

  • joker meister
    joker meister11 dagen geleden

    If KD returns at 100%... game over..

  • Praise Getachew
    Praise Getachew11 dagen geleden

    He hasn’t played a single minute and it’s the second quarter already

  • Somesh Saharan
    Somesh Saharan11 dagen geleden

    Kd or curry?

    ẞẞSKEN11 dagen geleden

    When KD back on the floor. Harden went back to the beach. When are we going to see the Net Big 3 man!

  • Aidxqn


    10 dagen geleden

    Injuries killin them. But i prefer to not put all my all stars together. They might have a chance at getting injured again. In thr playoffs should be it.

  • Wilson paulo de oliveira junior Oliveira
    Wilson paulo de oliveira junior Oliveira11 dagen geleden


  • Spencer Jameson
    Spencer Jameson11 dagen geleden

    Nobody cares 🤷🏾 literally

  • Glorious Entertainment
    Glorious Entertainment11 dagen geleden


  • Diether Santos

    Diether Santos

    11 dagen geleden

    Without LeBron I will predict him he will play next month

  • Dario Cantomayor
    Dario Cantomayor11 dagen geleden

    Praying for KD..

  • Fatih TUNCAY
    Fatih TUNCAY11 dagen geleden

    firstly sorry my english. i am from turkey and now 03.13 am. we want to watch NBA. For example now i am watching Boston Celtics vs New York and very very bored. you must invite to maybe Anadolu Efes from Turkey. Because Anadolu Efes better than Newyork. good night

  • Micah Christensen
    Micah Christensen11 dagen geleden

    He didn’t even play

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos11 dagen geleden

    Dang KD, Kyrie, Blake, DJ, LaMarcus and James NETS are really scary

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos11 dagen geleden

    Wow I was right KD will play in April 😃 good to see him back

  • Dude Little
    Dude Little11 dagen geleden

    I don't like you durfraud so screw you

  • migi punx
    migi punx11 dagen geleden

    I'd like to see the big 3 on the court again and dominates the game

  • Minoe Mann
    Minoe Mann11 dagen geleden


  • Januari Knight
    Januari Knight11 dagen geleden

    Welcome Back.. KD

  • 912. Monta
    912. Monta11 dagen geleden

    Praying he stays healthy for the rest of the season ! 🐐

  • psp785
    psp78511 dagen geleden

    Durant is a thin skinned bum

  • ZAE Williams
    ZAE Williams11 dagen geleden

    Let's go💯🚦 🐐🔥 2021 finals MVP #NETS SWEEPING THE WHOLE LEAGUE this year💯💯😁😂🤣🤣🤣🗣

  • Veer Chasm
    Veer Chasm11 dagen geleden

    Lot of repression... 🌈

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy11 dagen geleden

    Welcome KD!

  • kian adriel mendoza
    kian adriel mendoza11 dagen geleden

    david stern banned shorts!!

  • Full movies and series
    Full movies and series11 dagen geleden

    what he has pnt even played yet.

  • Mateo Suljic Lopez
    Mateo Suljic Lopez11 dagen geleden


  • The Nation
    The Nation11 dagen geleden

    Bout time!! I got KD on my fantasy team 👀 Ball out!!

  • Sus Bran
    Sus Bran11 dagen geleden

    Kevin Durant is a GOAT

  • Maj0rPayne Tv
    Maj0rPayne Tv11 dagen geleden

    Oh it’s up now 👏🏾🎯

  • vasu anand
    vasu anand11 dagen geleden

    He is an offensive juggernaut a cold blooded killer 💪🏻💪🏻🦅 Nothing new💀

  • Brian Morien
    Brian Morien11 dagen geleden

    I am very excited because Kevin Durant is going to be back in action. You better not mess up. I am watching, so do not give me that satisfaction. You came at me with your burner and it's all good guy. But when I come with my roast it's gonna be a knockout blow to your eye. I'm gonna sit back and watch him. I am gonna give it some time. So please keep playing and get really comfortable, cause you never know when I'm gonna hit you with that rhyme. Westbrook and Harden I really have mad respect. I was trying to motivate with my rhymes. I think I had the effect. Those guys have been going crazy. Those guys have been going insane. Maybe it's just my ego or maybe I got in their brain. KD I see you. You are in my universe. Now keep your ass of my social or it will be even worse!!! To Michael Rapaport I know your trolling as well. Stay outta this one or you might get sent straight to hell. I don't want to collaborate I don't need you today. That email I sent you.....just throw it away. Your crazy rant at Kevin Durant it wasn't funny. So just shut up sit down and relax cause there's a new guy taking over that money!!! #shotsfired #makingfoolslookfoolish #KD #kevindurant #michaelrapaport #rat

  • Zo 2x
    Zo 2x11 dagen geleden


  • hollywood demon
    hollywood demon11 dagen geleden

    it's time to go bald bro

  • Jordan Medley
    Jordan Medley11 dagen geleden

    Just look at this man during practice. Imagine him playing 🥶

  • Noah Smith GOLD

    Noah Smith GOLD

    10 dagen geleden

    @Mot Doai no

  • Mot Doai

    Mot Doai

    11 dagen geleden

  • Jagdesh Birdi
    Jagdesh Birdi11 dagen geleden

    So he balding balding too huh that hate don’t keep you young

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant11 dagen geleden


  • Janoy Cresnova
    Janoy Cresnova11 dagen geleden

    Best player in the NBA and it's not even close!

  • AIR J
    AIR J11 dagen geleden

    Dwade: 9 out of 100

  • Gravity
    Gravity11 dagen geleden

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  • Johan Royan

    Johan Royan

    9 dagen geleden

    Wat lul jij slap zeg.

  • Jason Babilonia
    Jason Babilonia11 dagen geleden

    He look mad, thats cant be good for the league

    XENON TV11 dagen geleden

    No one cares

  • C H R I S

    C H R I S

    11 dagen geleden

    I think you do

  • Barclay Pierre élève
    Barclay Pierre élève11 dagen geleden


  • Abhay


    10 dagen geleden

    @das das thanks loser

  • das das

    das das

    10 dagen geleden

    @Abhay great joke, not overused or anything

  • Abhay


    11 dagen geleden

    Alex Caruso is better

  • J. H.
    J. H.11 dagen geleden

    KD's back cuz ESPN did too many videos about Harden Vs KD being more valuable to the NETS

    ALAM KO NA YAN11 dagen geleden

    Yeah! I'm waiting for KD to play! Let's watch this!

  • Menard Leobrera
    Menard Leobrera11 dagen geleden

    Its over guys.

  • Hayriye Vatansefer
    Hayriye Vatansefer11 dagen geleden


  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving11 dagen geleden

    Finally KD has returned. Can’t wait to see him play some more!

  • Avi Agarwal
    Avi Agarwal11 dagen geleden

    My fav player is back

  • Mot Doai

    Mot Doai

    11 dagen geleden

  • Trina Lewis

    Trina Lewis

    11 dagen geleden

    Mine too 💪🏾🙏🏾♥️

  • Kevin DurGoat
    Kevin DurGoat11 dagen geleden

    Wassup! It's great to be back

  • Human Lettuce

    Human Lettuce

    11 dagen geleden

    Is it tho?

  • Original Ox
    Original Ox11 dagen geleden

    Welcome back

  • Gang time
    Gang time11 dagen geleden

    Yes sir

  • ッItzJojoz_
    ッItzJojoz_11 dagen geleden

    Fuck kd

  • Rohit Jassi
    Rohit Jassi11 dagen geleden

    Goats back yessir

  • Bipin KC

    Bipin KC

    11 dagen geleden

    Nets second round exit

  • The Goat

    The Goat

    11 dagen geleden

    Did someone say my name?

  • G World

    G World

    11 dagen geleden

    Im gonna have to stop you right there 😂

  • Im Friendly
    Im Friendly11 dagen geleden

    The snake is back 😳

  • Diether Santos

    Diether Santos

    11 dagen geleden

    He's not snake anymore he is good in NETS than Warriors but im a Warriors fan man I miss him it's good to see him back to play againts Pelicans

  • ✌(ʘ‿ʘ)✌ 6iX
    ✌(ʘ‿ʘ)✌ 6iX11 dagen geleden

    We gonna get a 200pt game.

  • Savage Mad man
    Savage Mad man11 dagen geleden

    Look at KD man so inspirational

  • Hero Miles
    Hero Miles11 dagen geleden

    I didn't think this dude was ever coming back

  • heardi
    heardi11 dagen geleden

    Overrated KD gonna be injured again

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James11 dagen geleden

    Why so scary see yall in the champ

  • Diether Santos

    Diether Santos

    11 dagen geleden

    @Semper Fi nay just a fake account lol

  • Semper Fi

    Semper Fi

    11 dagen geleden

    tf u doin here Bron

  • Ghost
    Ghost11 dagen geleden

    imagine if all 3 KD,harden and irving are healthy when the playoffs come

  • SanPedro TV
    SanPedro TV11 dagen geleden

    Its over

  • SuperNASCARrocks
    SuperNASCARrocks11 dagen geleden

    Glad to see KD back. Hopefully he can develop consistency in terms of playing games this year. Way too much he’s been out due to Health and safety protocols or just injuries.

  • Coove Hoops
    Coove Hoops11 dagen geleden

    Kevin DurGoat is finnally back

  • Kevin DurGoat

    Kevin DurGoat

    11 dagen geleden


  • Benjamin Carson
    Benjamin Carson11 dagen geleden

    why does this video look like a dj meechymeech vid lmao

  • Qazard


    11 dagen geleden

    get yo bitchaas out o hea

  • Eric
    Eric11 dagen geleden

    these mobile uploads are pathetic. NBA youtube is ran by a bunch of lazy zoomers now.

  • Avenge TiTan
    Avenge TiTan11 dagen geleden

    I’m early

  • elijah
    elijah11 dagen geleden

    Id tell him to walk up and down the court, no defense, just shoot lol, not risking it

  • Šmïłë
    Šmïłë11 dagen geleden

    Smooth as ever

  • Mot Doai

    Mot Doai

    11 dagen geleden

  • xgamez prod.

    xgamez prod.

    11 dagen geleden


  • Misses Universales MX
    Misses Universales MX11 dagen geleden

    Why does this useless boring sport still exist?

  • ticket 1

    ticket 1

    11 dagen geleden

    Pulls out Uno reverse card on you*

  • Class S na Halimaw

    Class S na Halimaw

    11 dagen geleden

    U gay man.. all ur videos all about miss universe

  • Wick John

    Wick John

    11 dagen geleden

    If you think its useless just don't give a shit about it. You can start that by not adding stupid comments

  • Hungrylungs420


    11 dagen geleden

    No u

  • Professional CurrySexual
    Professional CurrySexual11 dagen geleden

    Glad he back and healthy 🔥

  • w d y m?
    w d y m?11 dagen geleden


  • MontThePlug
    MontThePlug11 dagen geleden

    I never got a viral comment just one😞

  • ticket 1

    ticket 1

    11 dagen geleden

    @Luke Votypka ive gotten it 3k times in my whole years in youtube

  • Luke Votypka

    Luke Votypka

    11 dagen geleden

    I’ve gotten 1 before

  • Brothegoat 15
    Brothegoat 1511 dagen geleden