NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | April 5, 2021


Check out the top 10 plays of the night from April 5, featuring Stephen Curry, Marc Gasol, Kemba Walker and MORE!
0:00 - 10 | Kyrie
0:09 - 9 | Hardaway Jr.
0:21 - 8 | Avdija
0:28 - 7 | Johnston
0:42 - 6 | Hardaway Jr.
0:54 - 5 | Martin Jr.
1:01 - 4 | Boucher
1:13 - 3 | Diallo
1:19 - 2 | Gobert
1:35 - 1 | Trent Jr.
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  • Jose Mingo
    Jose Mingo7 dagen geleden

    Number 2 for a clear foul by Gobert, grabbing Doncic's jersey to pull him down?

  • Alex L
    Alex L9 dagen geleden

    Aside from the obvious comments that could be made... The pace of this top 10 was frantic sheesh

  • Southpaw Lux
    Southpaw Lux10 dagen geleden

    Get this woman out of these videos. She is so obviously reading a script and has no idea who the fuck these players are. The NBA looks stupid as shit. Let the woman do something she good at for God’s sake, her sake and the worlds sake.

  • JoAction
    JoAction10 dagen geleden

    Did Gary Trent Jr. literally not just push off Raul Neto?

  • louel9md
    louel9md11 dagen geleden

    Voice, words and delivery very irritating please change caster next time

    BARNEY XP8911 dagen geleden

    So okuro dunk on POSTERED A WHOLE PERSON and still didn’t make it top 10 🙂ok

  • Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy11 dagen geleden


  • Samuel Eldridge
    Samuel Eldridge11 dagen geleden

    Isn’t every dunk an over the head dunk?

  • amit gvili
    amit gvili11 dagen geleden

    FIRST TIME EVER!!! someone said deni avdija right

  • Genus Tinca
    Genus Tinca11 dagen geleden

    Telling how Westbrook and Doncic immediately started wining for a foul after completely clean blocks. You win some, you lose some. Take it as a man.

  • yoinkhaha
    yoinkhaha11 dagen geleden

    Doncic got fouled.

  • Marco Lucky
    Marco Lucky11 dagen geleden

    She's so cringe to listen to... Boring and repeating everything like a parrot

  • keivan 3333
    keivan 333312 dagen geleden

    can u pls go and talk on Wnba top10?

  • Mik F
    Mik F12 dagen geleden

    Nice job reading the action....

  • Jomar Cuento
    Jomar Cuento12 dagen geleden

    When you saw Finney Smith dunked but you heard Tim Hardaway JR you go right away to the comment section to be sure

  • Mavericks Fan4444
    Mavericks Fan444412 dagen geleden

    Dorian Finney-Smith hella underrated

  • Drew Cee
    Drew Cee12 dagen geleden

    How is Gobert foul a top ya'll suck!!! Nba is Mavs haters

  • Drew Cee
    Drew Cee12 dagen geleden

    What????? Miss that's not Timmy.....come on now give Dorian his credit

  • Tenz Tse
    Tenz Tse12 dagen geleden

    No 2 and no 1 was foul

  • Jim fox
    Jim fox12 dagen geleden

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  • Max Eisenhardt
    Max Eisenhardt12 dagen geleden

    I hate the voice!

  • Calvin Kindell
    Calvin Kindell12 dagen geleden

    ZERO love for my CAVALIERS they should've had two plays in here. Darius Garland's block & Isaac Okoro's least until the Goat mentator comes back...

  • Calvin Kindell
    Calvin Kindell12 dagen geleden

    I just KNEW Isaac Okoro's dunk was going to be on here..No love for the rook

  • Fielding Water
    Fielding Water12 dagen geleden

    Ah yes, as opposed to my personal favorite, the one hand under the head slam

  • Michael Cuke
    Michael Cuke12 dagen geleden

    #15 flopping cost them the game

  • Jerome Turner
    Jerome Turner12 dagen geleden

    #1 play is that flop ... nice shot too.

  • Mike G
    Mike G12 dagen geleden

    In the shower -mentator

  • Dewa Game
    Dewa Game12 dagen geleden


  • The Kozmonaut
    The Kozmonaut12 dagen geleden

    How is this an official nba video with this mic????????

  • TamayoVlog
    TamayoVlog12 dagen geleden

    Who else here misses the GOATmentator?

  • Matthew Choi
    Matthew Choi12 dagen geleden

    Bruh she really mixed up Dorian finney smith for Tim hardaway jr bruh

  • A Tipsy
    A Tipsy12 dagen geleden

    @number one is the defender still falling? loll

  • dan61909
    dan6190912 dagen geleden

    Bruh this is the most monotone and bland commentary I’ve heard like add some energy and enthusiasm ffs.

  • Noob Aquarist
    Noob Aquarist12 dagen geleden

    Boring commentator. We want the goatmentator!

  • TruthHurts 18
    TruthHurts 1812 dagen geleden

    Man, she gets worse everytime

  • Dilpreet Thind
    Dilpreet Thind12 dagen geleden

    Not even Hardaway than was Finney Smith

  • Daniel Kvick
    Daniel Kvick12 dagen geleden

    I feel like at least one of Luka's step back fadeaway rainbow threes should make the top 10. Even though I'm not really surprised when he hits them I always gasp in disbelief. I mean those shots are incredibly hard to make, let alone on a regular basis!

  • hollaaturb
    hollaaturb12 dagen geleden

    The last two highlights the refs really shined gobert literally pushed then yoked luka up for the block lmaooo

  • Yoel Morziano
    Yoel Morziano12 dagen geleden

    Trent pushed Neto that should’ve been a offensive foul

  • Yoel Morziano
    Yoel Morziano12 dagen geleden

    Deni avdjia had a amazing block that should be there

  • Vatsal Jariwala
    Vatsal Jariwala12 dagen geleden

    Luka and westbrook got blocked coz they didnt use 2 hands for safety:((

  • Paulo Furbringer
    Paulo Furbringer12 dagen geleden


  • Random Cat
    Random Cat12 dagen geleden

    probably the worst top 10 ever, 8 and 7 were not really skilled plays at all. Also did the youtube algorithm start adding sections for each top 10 play?

  • Tom Delay Beats
    Tom Delay Beats12 dagen geleden

    She doesn't even have enough respect for us to record this on real microphone.

  • klita jerome
    klita jerome12 dagen geleden

    Is it my eyes or the defender is pushed hard in the top 1 play ?

  • J Simmons
    J Simmons12 dagen geleden

    I haven't heard every commentator in the world...but she has GOTTA amongst the considered.

  • John Deininger
    John Deininger12 dagen geleden

    Get an engineer to check that mic. Audio sounds like it's coming out of a can.

  • 任帅
    任帅12 dagen geleden

    G o be l

  • 任帅


    12 dagen geleden

    Gobel fouled

  • KH gamer
    KH gamer12 dagen geleden

    N 9 is finney-smith not hardaway

  • Infinite Jest
    Infinite Jest12 dagen geleden

    Nice mic quality from the official NBA channel

  • Piece of Knowme
    Piece of Knowme12 dagen geleden

    hey im stephanie "gonna repeat all what happened and will mistook someone and wont fixed it " ready

  • AA - 09LL 847552 Jean Augustine SS
    AA - 09LL 847552 Jean Augustine SS12 dagen geleden

    Commentating was at an all time low🤣

  • Andrew Durand
    Andrew Durand12 dagen geleden

    Gobert pulling that jersey

  • Andrew Durand
    Andrew Durand12 dagen geleden

    no love for pistons even on top 10. can't even get a full replay.

  • Sorin B
    Sorin B12 dagen geleden

    What was the weak ass attempt by Luka against Gobert??

  • AmitG
    AmitG12 dagen geleden


  • Joseph Stratakis
    Joseph Stratakis12 dagen geleden

    Οne handed is the new trend!!!

  • Òscar López Teulé
    Òscar López Teulé12 dagen geleden

    How can you consider Gobert’s fault as a top play?

  • Sal Oliveira
    Sal Oliveira12 dagen geleden

    I love Stephanie's obsession with the number of hands used to dunk

  • Devon W
    Devon W12 dagen geleden

    nice job with name mix up

  • Charina Shaine Sillano
    Charina Shaine Sillano12 dagen geleden

    This ones boring

  • websalsero
    websalsero12 dagen geleden

    Oh God, numer 9 is not Tim Hardaway Jr., but Dorian Finney-Smith. How can you get that wrong?

  • Jorel Bajaro
    Jorel Bajaro12 dagen geleden

    Man.. top1 play... That flop cost them the game 💩

  • 凪
    12 dagen geleden

    This lady always made the worst NBA game recap broadcast...

  • Tushar Iyengar
    Tushar Iyengar12 dagen geleden

    Pretty sure No.9 was Finney-Smith

  • Microsof Plug
    Microsof Plug12 dagen geleden

    umm was it me or did finney smith just get dissed by this air head

  • C Palacios
    C Palacios12 dagen geleden

    Flop much????

  • name
    name12 dagen geleden

    0:01 "Hey there I'm Steph-----" MUTE

  • Maximum Gatz
    Maximum Gatz12 dagen geleden

    I want to like her but she is sooo bad.

  • King Stephen
    King Stephen12 dagen geleden

    Damn thj became doe doe

  • wy campbell
    wy campbell12 dagen geleden

    Trent been studying lillard

  • redlips chore
    redlips chore12 dagen geleden

    Luka always bitching at the refs your not LeBron crying for foul that's a clean block tho.

  • Paul Akelo
    Paul Akelo12 dagen geleden

    Tim Hardaway ni mnoma

  • Pavla Lišková
    Pavla Lišková12 dagen geleden

    number 9 is Dorian Finney-Smith - I think you should get the name right, esp, in case you have THJ action some moment later

  • Sharp Young
    Sharp Young12 dagen geleden

    I play a ton of Basketball. cool video.

  • Sofá Rojo Games
    Sofá Rojo Games12 dagen geleden

    Martin Jr. and Trent Jr. 💯👌

  • Summit County Real Estate - HomeSmart Anthony Sole
    Summit County Real Estate - HomeSmart Anthony Sole12 dagen geleden

    Gary Trent Jr with the push off for the win?! Rudy with the jersey grab for the block?!... but saying "and one" is a technical. What is happening to this league?

  • Javier Ameh
    Javier Ameh12 dagen geleden

    I guess these commentators don't wanna do this.

  • NBAFan 4Life
    NBAFan 4Life12 dagen geleden

    at 1:38 No Foul No Flop He Shoot He Hits He Scored

  • Toronto Raptors

    Toronto Raptors

    12 dagen geleden


  • Juan Garza
    Juan Garza12 dagen geleden

    Dumbass girl that’s finney

  • Keith Jackson
    Keith Jackson12 dagen geleden

    Wish the blazers didn’t trade Trent Jr.🥲

  • William Wakefield
    William Wakefield12 dagen geleden

    No Kyrie Breaking Julius Randles Ankles, Pro Knicks sports media at its worse

  • Rosko
    Rosko12 dagen geleden

    were going to act like rudy didnt pull lukas jersey down on that block?😂

  • Ra Ro
    Ra Ro12 dagen geleden

    Why do i feel like anger when i see kyrie winning? Lol this guy smile look like a snake anytime will bite you.

  • BallerVisions
    BallerVisions12 dagen geleden


  • Shangxing Chen
    Shangxing Chen12 dagen geleden

    I like to see Luka call foul.(this is a perfect block)

  • ruth sony
    ruth sony12 dagen geleden

    And how can I forget the Boucher DENIALLLLL!!!!! that's how you play peepsss

  • Temi Omoni

    Temi Omoni

    12 dagen geleden

    I was kinda hoping to see OG's dunk too

  • ruth sony
    ruth sony12 dagen geleden

    My man Gary love your buzzer beater haven't had a feeling like dis in a longgggg time #Raptors #GaryTrentJr!!! AMAZING SLICK SHOT!!

  • ruth sony

    ruth sony

    12 dagen geleden

    @Vitali Levin your right but that's the point of a buzzer beater even though it's never a fair game the buzzer just makes one team loose and the other win, so this was just a lucky win! #Raptors #Wizards

  • Vitali Levin

    Vitali Levin

    12 dagen geleden

    Ruth, I'm not trying to bash or anything, really - congrats for the win and all, but can we at least agree that that final play wasn't the cleanest? I mean, the Wizards totally deserved to win that game. Neto was murdered on both sides, he alone had so many uncalled fouls, it was ridiculous. And that final one was just the cherry on top. Flynn had SOOO many reach-in and slap fouls not called on him, he got "steals" instead... like - I get it, star treatment is a thing in the NBA... but refs giving away games like that is kinda absurd. Again, congrats for the W but it was definitely not a fair game.

  • angel karov
    angel karov12 dagen geleden

    The voice of this girl is a huge sucks !!!

  • Migs dela Peña
    Migs dela Peña12 dagen geleden

    9 was finney smith right?

  • Y Green
    Y Green12 dagen geleden

    This bitch sucks

  • DOG
    DOG12 dagen geleden

    the flop on the last play is some funny shit

  • Arthur Farquharson Jr
    Arthur Farquharson Jr12 dagen geleden

    I liked Stephanie's energy for this countdown.

  • Jeff Farro
    Jeff Farro12 dagen geleden

    the fastest top plays of the night video i guess? she made it ordinary video

  • kryptonite166
    kryptonite16612 dagen geleden

    It's truly sad how weak these "Top 10 Plays" are these days.

  • Jan Remic
    Jan Remic12 dagen geleden

    Tim Hardaway gets two appearances in top 10. He is goat. Just kidding

  • Jan Remic

    Jan Remic

    12 dagen geleden

    Except one wasn't his

  • Mark Ernie Lopez
    Mark Ernie Lopez12 dagen geleden

    We already knew what their doing, you dont have to tell it to us😂

  • Snafu 77
    Snafu 7712 dagen geleden

    Bad block Rudy 😬

  • E-9 Sicario
    E-9 Sicario12 dagen geleden

    That “switch” at 1:22 really hits on another level

  • Scales&Pedipalps


    12 dagen geleden

    why ridy holding the jersey

  • Nathan Locke
    Nathan Locke12 dagen geleden

    Rudy goberts block was a foul 😑