Steph Curry Puts Up 41 PTS In Home THRILLER! 💥


☔️ Stephen Curry erupts for 41 PTS (5 3PM), helping the Warriors prevail vs. MIL!
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  • Isaac Behdadnia
    Isaac Behdadnia3 dagen geleden

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  • kumar kanmani
    kumar kanmani5 dagen geleden


  • n.1 c
    n.1 c5 dagen geleden

    Dude's handles are so underrated too

  • Abdi Zebra3605
    Abdi Zebra36058 dagen geleden

    Love from Amsterdam curry. Inspiration for in europe. Always the best Shooter and blessed family. Top my Brother

  • james pisano
    james pisano8 dagen geleden

    The dude is sick. So much fun to watch.

  • R R
    R R8 dagen geleden

    Curry looks ustoppable....but Does anyone play defense...No shot blocks? #nbadoesntcare

  • Zeno Osama
    Zeno Osama8 dagen geleden

    IM GAY

  • Masamba Mabozi
    Masamba Mabozi9 dagen geleden


  • XO TX
    XO TX9 dagen geleden

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  • Jimmy Hoang
    Jimmy Hoang9 dagen geleden

    Without question the best PG and 3 point shooter in the NBA history. Name me a guy who faces the same double/triple defence and still do 30 ppg on almost 50/40/90 shooting. We all know that GSW is nothing more than a G league team without Curry. Just appreciate greatness

  • Franco Maria Mondini
    Franco Maria Mondini9 dagen geleden

    Besides Kobe (RIP), Steph’s the only player in the XXI Century worth watching every single night he hits the hardwood... Considering that MJ was not a terrestrial being, in my humble opinion pound-for-pound Steph’s the GOAT...

  • kev glitt
    kev glitt9 dagen geleden

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  • Strix
    Strix9 dagen geleden

    Top performance my ass. The refs were whistling every time someone touched him. On the other end they were hacking arms for fun. Top performance for the refs maybe

    CARLOS TERÁN9 dagen geleden


  • Halim Yavuz
    Halim Yavuz9 dagen geleden

    "Curry is the best"

  • Michael tv
    Michael tv9 dagen geleden

    their play is not good as before.

  • JHaz
    JHaz9 dagen geleden

    Other than Curry, GS Is trash. Just shows how great he is

  • J boy Del
    J boy Del9 dagen geleden


  • carolyn browning
    carolyn browning9 dagen geleden

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  • Godwin Abraham
    Godwin Abraham9 dagen geleden

    Curry seems to be the only good player in Golden State Warriors 🤔🤔🤔 if not for his points the gap would have been huge

  • KingRBN
    KingRBN10 dagen geleden

    Need better vid quality my bro! It's 2021, what am paying you for dawg??? 😐

  • Vanessa Sebastian
    Vanessa Sebastian10 dagen geleden

    It looks like a remote control hands... Very high percentage shooting! He has a remote control hands...

  • Alfian Frans
    Alfian Frans10 dagen geleden

    Goldensteph warriors

    R-JAY REALRABINO10 dagen geleden

    Lakas talaga ni idol

  • emman gallar
    emman gallar10 dagen geleden

    Every point from Curry's 41 is really worth. Even that 1point on his 41points is worth cause they just led 1point to win the game..

  • Jacobi Sayus
    Jacobi Sayus10 dagen geleden

    Look at curry man so

  • Haston Joanie
    Haston Joanie10 dagen geleden


  • John Ronny

    John Ronny

    10 dagen geleden

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  • John Ronny

    John Ronny

    10 dagen geleden


  • John Ronny

    John Ronny

    10 dagen geleden

    I never knew Mr. John is this popular!

  • john ronny

    john ronny

    10 dagen geleden

    I wanna Invest too

  • Sparky Drain

    Sparky Drain

    10 dagen geleden

    Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assure.

  • biggy biggy
    biggy biggy10 dagen geleden

    Fun fact. Curry has been carrying warriors since his rookie year.Don't believe me? watch his games every season since the start.

  • Malik West
    Malik West10 dagen geleden

    Nice whi won the game

  • Steph Curry
    Steph Curry10 dagen geleden

    Look at me man, so inspirational

  • Gates Aceaveli
    Gates Aceaveli10 dagen geleden

    To all of you lebron stan fans, this is how you lead a team when your just the only treat ,and you do it without pointing fingers and complaining...he best player in the League has been, Stephen Curry period.

  • Melo Ali
    Melo Ali10 dagen geleden

    Its mind boggling, the mesh is his best friend.

  • Evora Btw
    Evora Btw10 dagen geleden

    2nd best of his generation, greatest PG of all time!!!

  • Saskia Gordon
    Saskia Gordon10 dagen geleden

    Curry gifted😍❤❤😍

  • boxter aw
    boxter aw10 dagen geleden

    i think he is the best player of all time!

  • Siony Eufemio
    Siony Eufemio10 dagen geleden

    Steph take care always......

  • Carerra Violet
    Carerra Violet10 dagen geleden

    Imagine guys if SC teams didnt even get to play in the playoffs and Steph got a Mvp awards that will be the first time in all history

  • zoran
    zoran10 dagen geleden

    ...Klay is shimmying at the end of 3th when Steph scores.

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster10 dagen geleden

    MVP if he was a higher seeed

  • zoran
    zoran10 dagen geleden

    ...I've been watching Steph from the beginning of his profi cariere, and can recognise when he suffers from injury ore fatigue, and when he is ready 100%. His style of playing needs 100%, plus he is in focus of opponents defence. Not easy to be real Steph, like in this game, unlike the previous two he played although the maestro finished them with over 30 points! :)

  • Xavier Howard -
    Xavier Howard -10 dagen geleden


  • More Clownfish King
    More Clownfish King10 dagen geleden


  • TraShawn Traylor
    TraShawn Traylor10 dagen geleden

    That’s a baddd man 😭🔥

  • Cavish Wee
    Cavish Wee11 dagen geleden

    NBA get heaps of view because of curry

  • Gillybabi
    Gillybabi11 dagen geleden

    Boy got that mamba mentality

  • le hongcong
    le hongcong11 dagen geleden

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  • Burco Presents
    Burco Presents11 dagen geleden

    Went from washed to being the most valuable player in the league 💀

  • Fear me Not
    Fear me Not11 dagen geleden

    He deserves to be MVP with what he’s doing, but his team is just AWFUL, feels bad

  • Coach Darren
    Coach Darren11 dagen geleden

    Awesome game Green carries the team again with 41 points and Curry only delivers his usual triple single he's gotta go!

  • LegitBro
    LegitBro11 dagen geleden

    The best shooter is finally back🗣💯

  • Joshua Jean-Baptiste
    Joshua Jean-Baptiste11 dagen geleden

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  • Bradley Brutus
    Bradley Brutus11 dagen geleden

    Did they win? Lmao

  • Sam Fernandez
    Sam Fernandez11 dagen geleden

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  • Gary Martin
    Gary Martin11 dagen geleden

    They quick to say Giannis didn't play but when the Warriors lose they don't say nothing about all the players that didn't play for Golden State it don't even matter that Giannis didn't play next man Step Up Milwaukee lost the game

  • Kamasunga Kakoba
    Kamasunga Kakoba11 dagen geleden

    He is the best of all time.Love PNG

  • Facundo Russo
    Facundo Russo11 dagen geleden

    I love Stephen 🧡

  • Double M On Tha Beat
    Double M On Tha Beat11 dagen geleden

    ** ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • Torbjørn
    Torbjørn11 dagen geleden

    Wait how many steps can you take before it's a travel again?

  • xwulfd
    xwulfd11 dagen geleden

    if you see curry fumbles the ball, its guaranteed 100% the ball is gona go in the basket regardless lmao

  • Max L
    Max L11 dagen geleden


  • ikinci yeni
    ikinci yeni11 dagen geleden

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  • Khánh Chi 1000K Vào Timbanvn xyz
    Khánh Chi 1000K Vào Timbanvn xyz11 dagen geleden

    04:10 Cần tin nhắn mỗi ngày, cần những hỏi han, cho tôi yên bình thêm chút ☠

  • Balu Nadig
    Balu Nadig11 dagen geleden

    Steph makes it all look easy :)

  • Jr
    Jr11 dagen geleden

    The rest of the team needs to start trying. Curry is injured snd is still carrying the team. Andrew and Draymond have been playing long enough to know what basketball is! smh

  • System Check Games
    System Check Games11 dagen geleden

    🐐like game fr

  • Dragan Kitanovic
    Dragan Kitanovic11 dagen geleden

    New sport made by Curry = Basket + slalom !!!! GOAT !!!!

    TEANNA TREYS11 dagen geleden


  • Diding Hangzo
    Diding Hangzo11 dagen geleden

    If only Klay Thompson was not injury and can play this season alongside with Steph Curry...GSW will be on fire and Curry will surely be in his best shape...oh how i wish to see the Splash brother combination play soon...Klay please recovery faster for God shake and help your brother

  • Chris Villamonte
    Chris Villamonte11 dagen geleden

    Respect to kelly after back to back three in the 4th the score tie up

  • Javier Nuñez
    Javier Nuñez11 dagen geleden

    Curry Sigue haciendo Historia eso es lo que mas impresiona 👍👍

  • Ken Walker2900
    Ken Walker290011 dagen geleden

    This was a layup showcase lmao steph got an arsonal

  • Jay-ar Narciso
    Jay-ar Narciso11 dagen geleden

    2:16 that should be called "behind the butt" not behind the back

  • Dale Bell
    Dale Bell11 dagen geleden

    If the buck star Giannis joined the Warriors that team be fucking crazy

  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G11 dagen geleden

    *MVP mode activated*

  • Jesus Cruz
    Jesus Cruz11 dagen geleden

    Hes just too good. He does it effortlessly now

    SKY LIMIT on YT11 dagen geleden

    He a warrior fighting for what he wants and never giving up and also being selfless

  • Aldrich Ashton
    Aldrich Ashton11 dagen geleden


  • Shemzinho
    Shemzinho11 dagen geleden

    Greatest player in the game today. MVP

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez11 dagen geleden

    Steph curry sniffing some gfuel

  • I
    I11 dagen geleden

    Even though the league's defense has broken down immensely even compared to last season (wtf i know lol), what Steph is doing is still HoF tier good.

  • Kstukess
    Kstukess11 dagen geleden

    A true Legend 🐐

  • Ciel
    Ciel11 dagen geleden

    Filthy Connaughton shove at 2:44

  • Beatrice Simon
    Beatrice Simon11 dagen geleden

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  • Lai Villa
    Lai Villa11 dagen geleden

    Steph for mvp

  • Jay Day
    Jay Day11 dagen geleden

    Steph looked tired in this one and still performed at a high level. That is greatness. Lebron and Harden should take note.

  • Daniel
    Daniel11 dagen geleden

    Curry impact is incredible! Best nba player by far

  • ryan hannigan
    ryan hannigan11 dagen geleden

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  • James
    James11 dagen geleden

    you don't need to watch Space Jam to see a star player try to carry a weak team. just watch a GS warriors game.

  • Jaxlone
    Jaxlone11 dagen geleden

    Curry looks like he on holidays while being triple teamed in every game 😂😂

  • Bball Hoops
    Bball Hoops11 dagen geleden

    Steph Carry u meant

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K11 dagen geleden

    Greatest pg ever

  • Ekow Anin
    Ekow Anin11 dagen geleden


  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee11 dagen geleden

    Understand how many and 1s he be making

  • GoatedKidDevin
    GoatedKidDevin11 dagen geleden


  • Blunt ManJay
    Blunt ManJay11 dagen geleden

    At this point we know the chef will be in plays off when klay come back , he can just put up 41 or 30 and they win because if he don’t they lose . They got wiseman, they can chill and just wait until next season to really go off when klay back

  • dongetbanzz
    dongetbanzz11 dagen geleden


  • Trey Bens
    Trey Bens11 dagen geleden

    Russ carried a worse team to an 8th seed

  • Aldoni Sinaga
    Aldoni Sinaga11 dagen geleden

    An upcoming legend

  • Trey Bens
    Trey Bens11 dagen geleden

    I’m surprised they didn’t tank to draft Cade too