The BEST #KumhoHandles From The Season So Far! | Part 3


Look back on the BEST #KumhoHandles from the 2020-21 season so far! Drop your favorite moment in the comments ⤵
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  • wudi wudi
    wudi wudi13 dagen geleden

    Dramond green said he is best defender all time ?!

  • Sean Patrick Tan
    Sean Patrick Tan13 dagen geleden

    Chris Paul forces Edwards to get screened out by Towns. I only see that sh*t in 2k damn 😂

  • LIftedGang Terio
    LIftedGang Terio14 dagen geleden

    Neto stay taking Ls 😂

  • LeBron James Beatz
    LeBron James Beatz15 dagen geleden

  • Bro Bh
    Bro Bh15 dagen geleden

    NBA is awesome to Watch buddy

  • Mac Gold
    Mac Gold15 dagen geleden

    11:25 i see and oldman draymond.. lol

  • Elijah Richards
    Elijah Richards15 dagen geleden

    2:39 Ref ready to risk it all(she like”🤔🧐”)😂(P.S if there was a biting lip emoji she’d be doing that too)

  • Rodney Caviness
    Rodney Caviness15 dagen geleden

    With the exception o a few CP3 and Ja Murant clips...this entire video could have been just Kyre, Kyre , Kyre and more Kyre

  • Rodney Caviness
    Rodney Caviness15 dagen geleden

    great clip... but really you don't have at least 1 Damian Lillard, Westbrook, Donovan Mitchell, and Kemba Walker clip... c'mon bro Mason Plumlee and a few other repetitive step backs and no Lillard and Kemba ??? Still a great selection

  • DAJ5
    DAJ515 dagen geleden

    05:25 "best defender of all time" could not help myself. had to do it.

  • chef dys
    chef dys15 dagen geleden

    1:08 guy off the Bench ran across court to a concession stand 😂

  • SuperNASCARrocks
    SuperNASCARrocks16 dagen geleden

    CP3’s game does not age. He could legitimately play well into his 40’s. He’s ageless.

  • Tyren Crafton
    Tyren Crafton16 dagen geleden

    5:15-5:38 when the commentators start roasting your ahh you know it's bad 😂😂😂

  • Finn !

    Finn !

    15 dagen geleden

    good thing he stretched😂

  • y.m charlesworth
    y.m charlesworth16 dagen geleden

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  • Unlimit Potential
    Unlimit Potential16 dagen geleden

    2:57~ CP 3

  • david maldonado ordaz
    david maldonado ordaz16 dagen geleden

    The married leopard subjectively book because blow externally squash until a cagey manager. tangy, hapless cornet

  • Bodie Potter
    Bodie Potter16 dagen geleden

    Mason Plumlee = Kyrie Irving

  • Stanton Sebastian
    Stanton Sebastian16 dagen geleden


  • BENNYtheballer ONE YT AKA the walking W
    BENNYtheballer ONE YT AKA the walking W16 dagen geleden

    Mason Plumlee is underrated

  • Devin Smart
    Devin Smart16 dagen geleden

    See all these 6’8 + guys in this handles compilation. Jordan era could never

  • Kis wanto
    Kis wanto16 dagen geleden

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  • Kamui XERO

    Kamui XERO

    16 dagen geleden

    tha fuck is that

  • Milda Malinauskaite
    Milda Malinauskaite16 dagen geleden

    Pg is saying to luka thats a bad shot!!!!

  • Karan Parewa
    Karan Parewa16 dagen geleden

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  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams16 dagen geleden

    wtf is kumho handles

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight

    14 dagen geleden

    @Karan Parewa The hell?

  • Karan Parewa

    Karan Parewa

    16 dagen geleden

    I am from India I want a good friend my WhatsApp number 8955332978

  • Jens
    Jens16 dagen geleden

    Shouldn't Divincenzo's one dribble than a eurostep clip be on a best footwork highlight reel not best handles, or am I splitting hairs?

  • Monk Amani
    Monk Amani16 dagen geleden

    😳 Embarrassing.

  • Mylene Abubakar
    Mylene Abubakar16 dagen geleden

    Haha plummle in the top

  • Nick Scott
    Nick Scott16 dagen geleden

    The corporate whoreishness of the NBA has gone too far! Does nobody see how stupid it is to make these awards sponsored? Kumho? Cum ho? WTF? Great way to insult your players and make them the butt of a joke 🤣

  • Connor Lancaster
    Connor Lancaster16 dagen geleden

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  • Lennox Miller

    Lennox Miller

    16 dagen geleden

    Why you commenting this on a Nba top 10 handles of the year?

  • spooky big chungus 40

    spooky big chungus 40

    16 dagen geleden


  • Philippe Sauvie
    Philippe Sauvie16 dagen geleden

    This used to be called Hot dogging, one on one-selfish ball playing. I don’t get it… It doesn’t move me it doesn’t groove me.

  • Rodney Caviness

    Rodney Caviness

    15 dagen geleden

    @Esteban B Absolutely right ..his statement doesn"t apply to any ...those moves They we're al done with a purpose get to where they wanted to get for an open shot or pass..thats not hot dogging is And 1..big difference

  • Esteban B

    Esteban B

    16 dagen geleden

    Good for you. Doesn't even apply to most of these.

  • Gowsian Mahendran
    Gowsian Mahendran16 dagen geleden

    I can't believe there was only 1 clip of Chef Curry in the entire video!

  • Rodney Caviness

    Rodney Caviness

    15 dagen geleden

    and no clips of Damian, Kemba or Donovan Mitchell, Westbrook or LaMelo Ball

  • Use code Fresh

    Use code Fresh

    16 dagen geleden


  • AquaHoops
    AquaHoops16 dagen geleden

    Whenever Trae Young throws a lob pass he has to jump

  • Ace Pitch
    Ace Pitch16 dagen geleden

    Ngl Rondo is someone who has nice handles but isn't mentioned much

  • Champ God

    Champ God

    16 dagen geleden

    you can see that much in playoffs

    CP3 THE TROLL16 dagen geleden

    3:00 😎



    16 dagen geleden

    @Devin Booker yes Devin 😩

  • Armaan Qureshi

    Armaan Qureshi

    16 dagen geleden

    @Devin Booker yes

  • Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

    16 dagen geleden

    Wassup CP3! Ready for the game tonight?

  • Never Lose Forex FX
    Never Lose Forex FX16 dagen geleden

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    TBB BBT16 dagen geleden

    first 1000

  • Ayomidipupo Bassy
    Ayomidipupo Bassy16 dagen geleden

    aj member this tlc boom ass getting cross buy center

  • Wickliff Ondieki
    Wickliff Ondieki16 dagen geleden

    5:27 Jordan Poole's reaction to Green getting crossed is priceless

  • User Name

    User Name

    16 dagen geleden

    Thought you said Jordan Peele



    16 dagen geleden

    I thought he’d be more concerned after witnessing animal abuse

  • Jhap Veloso
    Jhap Veloso16 dagen geleden

    2:12am whos with me

  • KDA


    16 dagen geleden

    1:17 p.m. here

  • Umoja TWO TV
    Umoja TWO TV16 dagen geleden

    Almost blew out Draymond Green's ACL & Achilles all on 1 move🤦🏾‍♂️. 🤣😅😂😂

  • SS
    SS16 dagen geleden

    Mason Plumlee is a underrated ball handler

  • KDA


    16 dagen geleden

    I’m sleep cuh

  • Hulohot Espagnol
    Hulohot Espagnol16 dagen geleden

    6:04 had me there for a second

  • Varun Viswanath
    Varun Viswanath16 dagen geleden

    Doncic's handles are underrated

  • Rodney Caviness

    Rodney Caviness

    14 dagen geleden

    @Milda Malinauskaite You maybe right...about that and Luka is even playing a bit better than last year...alot may have to do with the pandemic as to why he's not getting the same coverage...but I don't think anyone is underrating him.

  • Milda Malinauskaite

    Milda Malinauskaite

    14 dagen geleden

    Hell no the mavs are at the same seed as last year and are creeping up in the standings

  • Rodney Caviness

    Rodney Caviness

    14 dagen geleden

    @Milda Malinauskaite Keep it civil and respectful bro....Don't know what circles your in but ...All they talked about most of last year was Doncic...this year not as much ..because team is not performing at the same level as last year...but it really depends on your source of info ..but no reason to accuse anybody of being respectful, debate hard , debate vigorously but leave the personal insults out of it

  • Milda Malinauskaite

    Milda Malinauskaite

    14 dagen geleden

    The dark knight are you dumb no one is talking about him only lamelo espn havent uploaded anything about him and the media arent saying anything .If anything he been lowered on peoples lists for no reason

  • Rodney Caviness

    Rodney Caviness

    14 dagen geleden

    @The Dark Knight So true.....Nobody underrates Doncic perhaps the most underrated player in the league is Jamal Murray..people didn't really start acknowledging him until last year in the bubble..but he's been playing top notch ever since he came in the league. ..and with regard to handles...aside from Kyre, Cp3, Steph, and Ja...CJ McCullough has some of the best handles in the league

  • Mikayla Marshall
    Mikayla Marshall16 dagen geleden

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  • Rizal Hapian Efendi
    Rizal Hapian Efendi16 dagen geleden

    What is KumhoHandles?😂

  • Aaron #DubNation and #Do your Job#

    Aaron #DubNation and #Do your Job#

    16 dagen geleden

    Best Handles

  • Hossam Enaba
    Hossam Enaba16 dagen geleden

    I never thought Mason Plumlee would be in a handles video ngl.

  • Rodney Caviness

    Rodney Caviness

    15 dagen geleden

    me neither

  • Mak Adil

    Mak Adil

    16 dagen geleden

    I just noticed TLC stepped on Jeff Greens foot...I was wondering why a pass fake made him do all that.



    16 dagen geleden

    It’s a pleasant surprise

  • El dempsy Senpai
    El dempsy Senpai16 dagen geleden


  • Prince Boakye Yiadom

    Prince Boakye Yiadom

    16 dagen geleden

    Point god

  • trueno
    trueno16 dagen geleden

    Yoo i was first

  • trueno


    16 dagen geleden

    @KDA And well its kinda funny when you are first commentor on famous channel even if it isnt rewarding at all, you just dont get it

  • trueno


    16 dagen geleden

    @KDA yeah?? Ik just said that i was first commentor i didnt meant that i would get anything from there if your brains understand that🥱

  • KDA


    16 dagen geleden

    What do you want as a reward you not getting nothing